Yingying Chen

San Jose, CA


R&D Engineer                                      Outward,Inc                                             Sep 2016 - Present

  • Developing Augmented Reality application on Android devices
  • Using Unity 3D (C#) and Google Tango Platform
  • Experimenting 3D graphics rendering technologies with OpenGL

Software Engineer                              Outward,Inc                                          Sep 2015 – Sep 2016

  • Developed distributed system and client software for data management and load balancer

  • Using Python Django with MySQL

  • Developed API for Blender for company internal usage


Computer Science                              Master of Science                                 Jan 2014 - May 2015

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte | 3.5 GPA

  • Coursework: Algorithms, Game AI, Advance Game Programming, Recommendation System, Database

Digital Media Engineering                 Bachelor of Science                            Aug 2008 - June 2012


Personalized Movie Recommendation System

  • Independently developed an embedded database system from scratch using database libraries in Flash.

  • Implemented K-Nearest Neighbors with the concept of User-Base Collaborative Filtering as the main algorithm in conjunction with other methods to calculate correlations between users and predict ratings.

  • Completed the back and front end of entire software app with ActionScript 3.0.

Real Time Management Game

  • Completed a fully customizable, real time management game.

  • Implemented object storing and tracking, data loading & saving.

  • Implemented advance AI including A star, load balancing, parallel computing decision making.

Options Price Estimating System

  • Developed entire system individually using existing data for deducting parameters through test cases.

  • Implemented Black-Scholes numerical algorithm with Virtual Method Table in C++ abstract class.

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