You Ming Hsu

Software Engineer / Crypto Trader

Education Background

2018 - 2021



2011 - 2016



Work Experiences

二月 2015 - 七月 2015

Software Intern  Leaderg Inc. (立達軟體科技股份有限公司)

Job description :
• Preliminary optical character recognition.
• Assist engineers to develop image processing application.
• Learning point: C++, OpenCV, Image Processing, C#


  • Using Python to implement grid trading bot and spot-future arbitrage bot.

  • Implement a dynamic hedging strategy to earn farming rewards.
    I provided STEP-USDC liquidity on Raydium to earn farming reward and hedging the same size of STEP on FTX. Due to the property of AMM, the size of both coins will change based on the constant product formula. So, I used a grid-liked strategy to dynamically hedge STEP. The total APY is about 80% from 2021.7 to 2021.9.

  • Implement a strategy to automatically change the target in spot-future arbitrage bot.
    Since a common spot-future arbitrage bot has to manually select the target coin, I wrote an advanced spot-future arbitrage bot which can automatically change the target coin based on some rules, e.g., daily/monthly/yearly funding rate, trading volume and collateral weight. The annual profit performance increased about 30%.


• Python                                    • Git

• Linux Command Line           • Machine Learning

• Shell Script                            • RESTful API

• C++                                         • Solidity


• Computer Network

• Data Science

• Machine Learning/ Deep Learning

• Mathematical Principles of Machine Learning

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