Taipei, Taiwan    

溫彥勳 Evan Wen

  世新大學 廣播電視電影學系 電影組 
       Department of Radio, Television and Film (RTF) at Shih Hsin University

有兩年接案製作 YouTube 等短影音,以及在學四年間之劇情短片製作經驗。

I have two years of work experience editing short videos such as YouTube videos and promos using Premiere Pro and After Effects and four years of experience editing shorts while I'm in college.

Additionally, I have experience in film production on short films and documentaries as a 1st AD, VFX, Colorist, Sound Recordist, Mixer in college.

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動態影像軟體 Video Editing

   Premiere Pro      After Effects      DaVinci Resolve

熟練度 Proficiency
PR - ★  ☆ / AE - ★  /  Resolve - ★ ★ 

平面影像 Graphic Editing   /   聲音後期軟體 Audio Post Production 

   Photoshop     Lightroom       Illustrator      /        Audition      Izotope RX 

熟練度 Proficiency
PS - ★   / LR - ★  / AI - ★  / 
AU - ★   / RX - ★ 

其他技能 Others

   Microsoft Office
   Google Drive / G-Suite 
   MacOS     Windows

  動態攝影 Videography    靜態攝影 Photography  
  現場錄音 Sound Recordist   機車駕照 Driver's Licence for Motorcycle

語言 Language

   英文 English       中文 Mandarin        台語 Taiwanese  
     ↳ EFSet 英語證書 (EFSet English Certificate, C2 Level on Reading & Listening Skills)

工作經歷|Work Experience

影音作品  •  在學期間

    六月 2018 - 六月 2021

  • 《Amélie》- 大一電影仿拍

  • 《Cross 貳拾伍 - 攝影師王志偉》- 紀錄片製作

  • 《治慾 Healing》- 劇情短片

  • 《弔》- 劇情短片
     導演|故事|剪輯|特效 配樂、聲效協力片尾設計
  • 《Pathos》- 劇情短片
     副導|剪輯|調光協力 混音協力|片頭尾設計

  • 《髒》- 劇情短片

  • 《雛離》- 劇情短片 / 畢業製作

影音製作  •  接案

    2020年 - 至今

  •    遠東翻譯 / 恩碁映像

  • 《健康666》衛教 YouTube
     剪輯|調光|Motion Graphics|綜藝字


  • 《中秋做公益!》募資宣傳短片

教學與實習  •  在學期間

    2019年 - 2021年

  •   世新廣電第六屆廣電營《比特傳說》
       教材設計 剪輯課教學

  •  世新大學電影組器材室學助
       器材教學 協助攝影、錄音器材管理及保養
  •  KKBOX Group - theFARM - 導演助理

Film Works  •  College Years

    June 2018 - June 2021

  • Amélie (2001) - Movie Scene Replication
     Sound Recordist|Audio Post Production 
        Colorist |VFX

  • Cross 25, a Documentary of Franco Wang the Photographer Documentary
     Sound Recordist|Editor|Colorist

  • HealingShort Film
     Producer|Additional Sound Recordist|Editor

  • The Tape -  Short Film
     Director|Story|Editor|VFX Additional Composer 
        Additional SFX Editor|Rolling Credit
  •  PathosShort Film
     1st AD|Editor|Additional Colorist 
      Additional Final Mixer |Rolling Credit

  •  DisgustingShort Film
     1st AD|Story|Editor

  •  Till I Let You Go - Short Film / Graduation Project
     1st AD|Editor|VFX

Video Works  •  Filmmaker / Editor

    2020 - present

      Subtitle|Transcript Proofreading

  • Health 666 - Health Education Short Video
      Editor|Colorist|Motion Graphics|Title Effects 

      Animated Intro/Outro|Audio Post Production

  • Do Charity on Moon Festival!  Crowdfunding Promo
      Editor|Colorist|Title Effects Audio Post Production 

Teaching Assistant •  College Years

    2019 - 2020

  •   SHU RTF Camp 6th
      Teaching Material Design Video Editing Teacher

  •   SHU RTF Film Equipment Room TA
      Film Equipment Teaching 
      Video and Audio Production Equipment Maintenance

  •   KKBOX Group - theFARM - Assistant Editor

* 666 in Mandarin means "very good at sth."

影音作品|Film & Video Works


《Pathos》— 劇情短片

 Pathos Short Film


After breaking up with Cheng Hai, Wei Yu tries to redeem herself with her last strength.

副導 1st AD|剪輯 Editor|

調光協力 Additional Colorist|

混音協力 Additional Sound Mixer| 

片頭尾設計 Movie Title & Rolling Credits Design

  • 使用 Premiere Pro CC 2018 剪輯

  • 片頭尾使用 InDesign、Illustrator 製作

  • 片中的《夏夜晚風》翻唱歌曲
    使用 Pro Tools 及 Izotope RX 編輯
  • Edit in Premiere Pro CC 2018.

  • The movie title and rolling credits were created using InDesign and Illustrator.

  • The cover song Summer Night Breeze (originally by WuBai) in this short was edited and mixed in Pro Tools and Izotope RX. 



《中秋做公益!》— 募資宣傳短片

Do Charity on Moon Festival! 
 Crowdfunding Promo

A Crowd-Funding project launched by Read Through Taiwan and TMU to purchase children's books and promote children reading in Shiding, New Taipei City.

剪輯 Editor|調光 Colorist  

字卡 Title Card & Lower Third

後期聲音 Audio Post Production  

  • 使用 Premiere Pro CC 2018 剪輯

  • 使用 Davinci Resolve 16 調光

  • 使用 Audition CC 2018 混音
  • Edit in Premiere Pro CC 2018

  • Color grading in Davinci Resolve 16

  • Mix in Audition CC 2018

《健康666》衛教 YouTube 節目

Health 666 - Health Education
YouTube Video


A newly created health medical channel presents close-to-life health education content in a funny and slightly fast-paced style.

剪輯 Editor|調光 Colorist|

Motion Graphics|綜藝字 Title Effects 

片頭尾設計 Animated Intro/Outro|

後期聲音 Audio Post Production 

  • 使用 Premiere Pro CC 2019 剪輯

  • 使用 Audition CC 2019 混音

  • 特效、動畫以After Effect CC 2019 製作
  • Edit in Premiere Pro CC 2019.

  • Mix in Audition CC 2019.

  • VFX and Animation were created in After Effect CC 2019.

《弔》- 劇情短片

 The Tape Short Film

   Resilient Vision 2020 首獎 - First Place

驚悚片製作的技術練習,專注於氛圍營造。An exercise about filmmaking techniques in thriller movies accomplishes by trying to create a good atmosphere.

導演 Director|故事 Story  

剪輯 Editor|特效 VFX 

配樂協力 Additional Composer

聲效協力 Additional SFX Editor

片頭尾設計 Rolling Credit  

  • 使用 Premiere CC 2019 剪輯

  • 片頭尾、特效以 After Effect CC 2019 製作

  • 聲效及配樂使用 Ableton Live 13 製作

  • Edit in Premiere CC 2019.

  • VFX and rolling credits were created using After Effect CC 2019.

  • Sound Effects and Score were created and composed in Ableton Live 13.

聯絡資訊|Contact Info

   [email protected]

   0932-137-209 (中華電)


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