Yu-Ho Hsieh

Experience in full-stack development, front end framework, and server side development

Work Experience

FACEBOOK, Software Engineer Intern, May 2018 ~ Aug 2018

Developed a Full-Stack React component inspection tool for web apps from scratch, which shows FACEBOOK specific component information such  as name, development history and owners

GEORGIA TECH, Research Assistant, Feb 2017 ~ Jul 2017

Researched several Computer Vision techniques such as image segmentation, clustering and statistics analysis to evaluate and quantify  the severity of the lung disease using HRCT images


Georgia Tech, Master of Science in Computer Science, 2018 ~ 2019

University of Pennsylvania, Master of Science in Scientific Computing, 2017 ~ 2018

NTU, BA Business Administration, 2011 ~ 2016

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Distributed Jacobi Equation Solver

Developed a highly scalable distributed program to solve the Jacobi equation using the MPI parallel computing framework Solved a 10^4 by 10^4 matrix using 64 processors within 20 seconds, top 10% speed among participant teams

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A mini Google search engine from scratch, including crawler, indexer, Google-style page rank and web interface; passed 85% of 20 random chosen test keywords, support PDF, image, bigram and trigram search

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Design Operating Systems

Extend xv6 operating systems: traceback debug functionality through the assembly language, copy on write via multi-map paging, round robin and FIFO process scheduling, clone (multi-threads) system call, select, non-blocking I/O container feature to isolate processes and files

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