Yu Hsuan (Gary) Chang


Redesign for Products Ranking Page & Campaign Site

Shopee is a leading e-Commerce platform across southeastern Asia. As a UIUXer, I want to dive into this heavily life-involved app, and figure out how the experience has been set up to be so intriguing ...

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Streaming SDK for Taiwanese Art

A Taiwanese performing art has transformed the traditional heritage into a pop-cultural entertainment since years ago, however, the show was only available through cable broadcasters and DVD sold in convenience stores ...

UI Solution for Premiere Campaigns

A Japanese cable network service provider aimed to build a “Japanese Netflix, in order to compete in the growing OTT market. The product scope included TV APP operated on set-top box, web APP, and mobile APP. As an intern designer, I was assigned to tackle the interface for premiere campaigns ...

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Chatbot Service for Whisky Brand

A multinational whisky company owned a profitable channel through whisky tasting events, however, it had long suffered from the cost of retaining the guests to attend the upcoming events. Therefore, the company was inquiring for the approach to renew the current digital strategy ...

Form Page Design For Second Hand Automobile Platform

An international automobile firm was preparing to launch a second hand online platform, in order to integrate the main existing services. The services highlighted the features of completing quality evaluation, online reservation, post-sales services, etc ...

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Icons Design For Streaming APP

A Japanese video streaming APP was going under an overall revamping project. As a design intern, I took the role of redesigning the icon for video genres. However, the difference of the culture cognition made it more challenging to develop a set of commonly accepted icons for oversea users ...

Visual Design for Recruitment Campaign

NCCU Audio & Video Lab is composed of a group of selected professional filming students, which is affiliated under the Department of Radio & Television. The lab has been established since 1990 to provide the technical support and equipment for the filming courses ...

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Mandatory Military Service

ROC Army (Taiwan) |  Jan 2020 ~ Apr 2020

Digital Experience Consulting - Designer

Ogilvy Taiwan | Aug 2019 ~ Dec 2019

■ Executed CX planning, UI design, cross-team collaboration with developers, and successfully conducted 2 CRM campaigns within 1 chatbot service.
■ Conducted Web design and UX audit for Clients: Taiwan Excellence, Das WeltAuto (Volkswagen Group), Diageo.

Product Design - Intern

KKBOX Group - KKStream |  Jul 2018 ~ Jan 2019

■ Delivered UX spec and prototype for 1 streaming product from 0-1, including TV, web, and mobile.
■ Iterated design through understanding multiple needs from stakeholders, and generated 1 adaptive UI template for customized campaign sites.
■ Performed UX research for internal operation on an effective product design system, and delivered 1 design kick-off sharing.

Digital Marketing - Intern

Deluxe Fashion | Jul 2017 ~ Sep 2017

■ Performed KOL networking and SEO optimization to enhance the digital engagement of the brand.
■ Created the official brand portfolio to pitch for additional retail channels cooperation.
■ Planned and conducted online to offline campaigns for the grand opening in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi.


National Chengchi University

Bachelor of Business Administration | 2015 ~ 2019 (Taipei, TW)

Relevant Coursework 

■ User Interface Design 

■ Interaction Design 

■ Basic Programming 

■ Marketing Management 

■ Consumer Behavior 

■ Strategy Management

NCCU Commerce Career Ambassador | Marketing Officer

■ Executed the promotional campaign for annual recruitment, including social media release and offline events.
■ Organized annual festival events for the College of Commerce, and attracted over 200 students and teachers to involve within 1.5 hours.

Università Bocconi

Exchange Program | 2019 ~ 2019 (Milan, IT)


■ UIUX Design

■ Website Analysis (Google Analytics)

■ Basic Front-End Programming (HTMl, CSS, JS) 

■ IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner 

■ Consumer Journey Research 

■ Qualitative to Quantitative Research 

■ MS Office


■ English (TOEFL iBT 91; TOEIC 925) 

■ Mandarin (Native)


■ Student Delegate

Rethinking Fashion Sustainability in Milan

Milan, Italy | March 7th, 2019  

■ Best Theme Prize

Open HCI Workshop - Animism

Taipei, Taiwan | Augest, 2018 

■ National Top 12

ATCC Case Competition - IBM section  

Taipei, Taiwan | March-May, 2017 


■ Audio and Video Lab 

■ Pop Dance Club

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