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Hello! My name is Yu Yen. I am a positive, outgoing person and like to take challenge. I have a lot of experiences  of competitions and projects. In addition, I am good at Java and Python. My belief is ‘’Live to learn‘’.


國立台灣科技大學 資訊管理系 碩一        

1998,Taipei,TW 0954-020-326

[email protected]

技能 Skills

程式語言 Programming

  • Java
  • Python
  • Shell Script

資料庫 Database

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB


  • Android Studio


  • Linux


  • Html
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • RWD

Version Control

  • GitLab

工作經歷 Work Experience

CommScope ARRIS Ruckus_台灣康普通信系統有限公司, 2020 / 07 - 2020 / 08

– Software engineer summer intern

大四升碩士的暑假,在CommScope ARRIS Ruckus擔任暑期實習生,在兩個月中以兩人為一個團隊,共同一起開發一個自動化系統,將原繁雜的工作流程透過自動化系統執行,提升工作效率。 

從網頁設計架設、伺服器建置到後端的系統處理,全由我們自己設計與開發。我主要負責網頁設計架設、MongoDB的建置與管理和Dependency tree的處理。


系統中最具挑戰性的部分為程式與程式之間有極高的依賴關係,因此在新增新的程式碼時,需先找到目標程式所依賴的程式並建置過後,目標程式才能成功建置。而依賴樹的結構沒有規律性,目標程式不同所生成的依賴樹也不同。我先透過撰寫Shell Script抓取到Dependency Tree後,再將之存成Tree的結構,並且依序來回建置,直到目標程式建置成功。

I was an intern at CommScope ARRIS Ruckus during my summer vacation before studying for a master's degree. During the two months, I co-worked with another intern to develop an automated system to optimize the workflow and improve efficiency.

We have designed and developed all of the systems, from web design and development to server construction and back-end processing. I was responsible for the web design and development, MongoDB construction and maintenance, and "Dependency tree" processing.

I chose Mockflow to design web pages and used the Vaddin to develop them. Because of the possible need of adding new fields for accessing data afterward, we used MongoDB as the database, and I was in charge of developing the database, connective programming, and maintenance.

The most challenging part of the system is that there is a high dependency on programs in between. Therefore, when updating new code, the engineer needs to find the program that the target program depends on and build it first so that the target program can be successfully built. However, the dependency tree generated by different target programs, that is to say, the structure of the dependency tree has a lack of regularity. To solve this problem, I wrote a shell script to capture the dependency tree, then saved it as a Tree structure and built it back and forth until the target program was built successfully.

台灣經濟新報文化事業股份有限公司 TEJ, 2018 / 09 - 2019 / 02

– 資訊部實習生 

大三上時,在TEJ資訊部實習為期半年,工作內容為使用Java撰寫爬蟲匯入資料庫,撰寫SQL檢查資料庫(PostgreSQL)的資料。且參與自動化部署的小組討論,內容為Docker、Git CI等。

I was an intern at Taiwan Economic Journal Company for half a year. During my internship, I programmed web crawler coding by using java and imported data into PostgreSQL. Otherwise, I joined the DevOps project, including Docker, Git CI and so on.

計畫經歷 Project Experience

科技部 - 108 年大專學生研究計畫, 2019 / 07 - 2020 / 02


I participated in a research project of Ministry of Science and Technology and we focused on the summary of articles, which is also my seminar topic.

107 年大專校院創新創業扎根計畫, 2019 / 03 - 2019 / 06

該計畫為教育部鼓勵大學生創業的計畫,能實際的執行自己所策劃出來的計劃案, 並且體驗一間公司從開設到解散的過程。而我所在團隊的計劃案為設計一套環保餐具的營運模式,透過反覆租借、使用環保餐具,讓環保餐具的效益極大化。

I participated in a project from Ministry of Education which give the undergraduate student a chance to ran our project as a real company. Our team designed a business model which is to rent environmental protection tableware repeatedly. 

競賽經歷 Contest Experience

2019 第 24 屆大專校院資訊應用服務創新競賽, 2019 / 11 / 02

– 產學合作組(PR) 第二名 Second Place Award
– 教育開放資料創新應用組(EDUOD) 佳作 Honorable Mention

– 鈦坦敏捷開發特別獎(Titansoft Agile) 第三名 Third Place Award


I was the leader in the team. The topic is to summarize the article, reduce reading time and resolve the situation of information overload. In addition, we use agile development to implement our project.

畢業專題競賽, 2019 / 09 / 21

– 優良 Merit Award


As above.

2019 創新創業競賽, 2019 / 06 / 06

– 第三名 Third Place Award



As above. I got the huge inspiration from judge's advices which are about the operation, marketing and user interface. 

2018 年新創盃全國大專校院創意創新創業企畫競賽創新創業組, 2018 / 12 / 27

– 佳作 Honorable Mention



I was the leader in the team. The topic is to rent environmental protection tableware repeatedly. We were inspired from the concept of sharing economy so we wanted to maximum the utilize of environmental protection tableware. After the competition, we decided to strive for the opportunity of start-up plan from Ministry of Education, in order to actually execute our plan.

2018 全國大專院校 創新 x 創業 x 創客構想書競賽, 2018 / 12 / 07 

– 佳作 Honorable Mention



The topic is the same above. This is the first competition which influence me a lot during my university. Because of this experience, I found my disadvantage and tried my best to improve myself to face my next challenge.

證照 Certificate

TQC–OA Word 2016, 2020 / 12

TQC–OA Excel 2016, 2017 / 06

活動 Activities 

鯤鵬2019-江蘇綠色科技悠活營, 2019 / 06 / 30 - 2019 / 07 / 08 


I joined the exchange camp in China during my junior summer vacation. I visited many kinds of company about green energy technology, including solar energy, green building and electric car. I also exchanged some ideas with Southeast University's students.

淡江大學社會服務隊–資訊營, 2018 / 03 


During my sophomore winter vacation, I held an Information Winter Camp for Xinshi Elementary School's students. My job was to teach students how to operate the computer software applications and basic applications for document processing with interesting method.

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