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Chrissy Lin

Hi, I'm Chrissy.
Currently working in a VR software company, and looking for a position in the field of HR. My strength is I'm bilingual and I have had a lot of experience working in different departments and with foreigners. Nice to meet you.

Marketing Specialist
[email protected]


Veyond.Co. / Marketing Specialist – Oct. 2020-now

• Project Execution: Held 4+demonstration events for the latest product. Played as the main speaker for Veyond in 5+ VR teachers training. Used Power Director 365 to create and provide marketing materials

 • Social Contact: Worked closely with product development teams to create and maintain marketing materials for sales presentations and client meetings. Coordinated with social media, public relations, and other teams to execute product introductions. Managed 3 social accounts for Veyond, including Facebook, Linked-in and Line business account with Accunix system and connected to more than 5000+ people. Planned and executed events and marketing programs, such as the lottery game for exhibit, producing 3,563.1% of goal of qualified leads.

TitanSoft / Human Resource Intern.-Feb. 2020-Mar. 2020

• Cross-departmental Communication: Resolved conflicts and negotiated mutually beneficial agreements between parties. Managed employees' daily needs and reward systems. Onboarded new temps by entering internal system and setting up in time clock. 

• Filter of the employees: Selecting potential candidates for different positions and the remind of the job interview for managers. Sent out the programming quiz to the potential candidates.

People First Relocation /Relocation Consultant Intern.

 Jun. 2019-Aug. 2019

• Assistance to the assignees: Helped 3+ assignees with the housing options based on different budgets. Dealt with 7 Japanese engineers to apply for the mobile cards and the translation between the assignees and the clerk. Setting agenda for the arrival of the coming assignees.

 • Consumer research: Answering the following assignee's' email, 10+ mails per day. Based on different family backgrounds, considering the potential requirements, such as school searching for kids and daily maps for living.

Tunghai University 

International Business Administration/ Bachelor

• An international learning environment: Being in an immersed English learning environment. Have multiple times working with foreign students and presenting in English. Not only in business field, but also learned other fields in English, ex. social study and art.

 • The ability to use resources from the university: we have foreign tutors that other departments don’t have. On the other hands, we can improve language skills through communication. Also, the chance of going abroad is more than other departments. I made up my mind to use all the resources to become an exchange student.

EDC Paris Business School 

Marketing Exchange student/ 5th Grade

• An independent living skill: While staying at a foreign country alone, I learned how to live by myself. From grocery shopping to opening a bank account, I must do it by myself under a non-English country. I learned how to solve problem on my own and the assistance from my foreign friends.

 • More experience working with foreigners: While staying in French country, I gained a lot of experience not only working with the French but also the American, Swedish and Dutch. They are all well-experienced in organizing reports and the work includes a lot of different perspectives that the teachers are really impressed. 


Languages: Mandarin – Native, English- TOEFL: R:20/ L:24/ S:26/ W:25 Totel:95 

Skills: Microsoft Office, Power Director 365, Social Media Platforms, Digital Marketing 

Interest: Exercising, Language learning, Reading, Writing, Psychology

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