Hsin, Yun Cheng

Developer, not specific to only one field

  Taiwan  https://hsinpa.github.io/      


Senior Software Developer  •  HTC

Viveport Video (VR Media Player)

  • Support 6Dof Lite, which simulate an illusion of 3D environment inside 360 video
  • Implement an ambisonic audio system with circular buffer and algorithm support from HTC 3DPS team, and become the  first key market player to support ambisonic audio during Unity run-time environment.
  • Optimizing video / thumbnail load time by over 50% by caching and multi-thread task

五月 2018 - Present

Full Stack Developer  •  Wrainbo Inc

As lead full-stack programmer,  responsible for developing a mobile learning game platform on Unity

Pragmatic Leadership 2017-2018

  • Cooperate with US Coaching firm BLG to build an enterprise-level training simulator.
  • Develop web-based dialogue tree editor. This helps users to design their own dialogue path more intuitively.
  • Transmit data with Assetbundle and zip files, for accomplishing real-time content update. 
  • Auto script voice generation with Amazon Polly, it eases users to have a better overall sense before hiring voice actors.

 Business Battle 2015 - 2017

  • Build micro market simulation, user can receive an immediate personal feedback after each game
  • Design a systematic process to interchange theme art and font style, which reduce the time from an hour to 1 click
  • Selected as gold winner at 2017 International Serious Play Program.
  • Gained silver award from 2017 Training magazine under the category of Simulation design
  • Admitted to top 10 startup Accelerator Dreamit (17 out of ~1000 applicants) in Fall 2016

十一月 2015 - 四月 2018

Android Developer / Web Full stack  •  Bull-B tech

  • Write web app and PHP API for front end application
  • Build Ibeacon and GPS locating system for Android location-based shopping experience
  • Design an auto-generated process to transform pictures into video through Ubuntu Kdenlive
  • Familiar with MVC architecture, Git, full stack, team-coop and software development workflow

七月 2013 - 二月 2015


2011 - 2014

City University of Hong Kong

Information System


3D Image/ Video Processing, May 2020

  • Design a lightweight autoencoder architecture to output depth image from rgb texture

  • Use compute shader and geometry shader to transform depth image  into 3d meshes

  • Run approximately 30 fps on mobile device, if work with video

  • Utilized: Keras, Python, Unity3D C#, Shader HLSL, Compute shader

AR Paper man(An AR app revive your painting) , Sep 2020

  • Capture object contour and recreate 3D mesh from raw camera texture

  • Memory free and instant performance speed, from camera scanning to mesh generation

  • Utilized : Unity3D C#, Shader HLSL, Cube Marching, Moore-Neighbor Tracing, ArCore/Arkit 

Katachi (WebGL render engine) , April 2021

  • MVP projection; systematic way to associate with ShaderProgram; light model; hierarchy modeling, shadow mapping 

  • Utilized : Typescript, WebGL 1.0, Shader GLSL

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