Yun-Ping Kuo

A believer of Big Data Mindset. Being a data analyst in the financial and healthcare industry with 4+ years experience. A fast learner, self-motivated, and passionate about progress and challenges. Reliable, adaptable, and willing to go the extra mile.

Data Analyst / Business Analyst / Business Development 

New Taipei City, Taiwan 


[email protected]

Work Experience 

Assistant Manger, Zuellig Pharma Data Analytics 08/2021 - present 

  • Customer Relationship Management 
    • Strengthened key account monitor mechanism and proactively collaborated with regional stakeholders to achieve country target at 129% and increased subscribed project number by 132% 
    • Redesigned pricing scheme for TW country, increased annual subscription price by 9% and prolonged clients' subscription period by 160% 
  • Market Analysis 
    • Conducted sales analysis and presented to valued clients, successfully increased the awareness of company's data capability among the industry and strengthened client engagement 
    • Analyzed country growth and deep-dive TA's performance for country goal setting
  • Growth monitoring 
    • From pandemic to endemic, developed commercial indicator and visualize business metrics to monitor country growth, generated monthly report to highlight market trend to C-level and higher management team for strategic decision support

Specialist, Zuellig Pharma Data Analytics 02/2019 - 08/2021 

  • Customer Insight Analysis
    • Designed, developed, and demonstrated data-driven dashboards, aiming for a better understanding of customer behaviors and consumption patterns to explore business opportunities and increase brand sales
    • Built and visualized the first interactive dashboard for medical programs to optimize patient stickiness
  • Key Accounts Management
    • Served as primary data analytic consultant of  top 6 key clients; initiated acquisition and retention communications; aligned local stakeholders with the regional office
  • Webinar Coordinator
    • Planned and coordinated the first company webinar of Impact from Covid-19 in the Taiwan healthcare market; served as the Taiwan consultant; collaborated with the regional and local teams to investigate the pandemic impact to the healthcare industry and provide follow-up advice
  • Automation Process
    • Innovated ways to streamline business process and improve productivity, reducing 50% manual labor time and cost; developed automated process using Python with SAP data and external data sources

    Event Planning and CoordinatorYong-He Church NPO 2016 - 2018 

    • Event Planner and CEO
      • Hosted over 10 events
      • Led 2 teams of 6 students to organize youth camps on a semi-annual basis, including campaign promotion, social media advertising, volunteer's training
    • Life Education Teacher
      • Delivered over 50 speeches/lectures in public, reached over 600 audience
      • Volunteered for teaching in 2 schools every week. More than 120 students were benefited and responded over 90% satisfaction
    • Student Counselor
      • Worked with 10-20 students to help them succeed in life, relationship, family, performance ... critical areas
      • Provided one-on-one emotional counselling 

    Business Analysis, CitiBank (Taiwan) 2013 - 2016

    • Campaign Leads Generation and Management
      • Generated over 50+ campaign leads for financial products and tracked the effectiveness of leads. 
      • Conducted customer fulfillment to increase customer loyalty. On average, reach the 95% completion rate of fulfillment.
      • Analyzed customer data, consumption patterns to optimize customer segmentation. 
    • Taiwan Consultant of Global Reporting Cube Project
      • Collaborated with the global team members to reconcile definition differences. 
      • Supervised India team to re-organize programming flow. Completed UAT within 3 months and conducted follow-on maintenance. 
      • Provided consultation on Taiwan data warehouse and product profile with the global team.
    • Consultant of Back-End System for New Product Launch
      • Built system mapping code per Business request and validated the effectiveness. 
      • Conducted UAT tests and inquiry of ad-hoc reporting. 
    • Ad-Hoc Requests Organizer
      • Organized and optimized 30+ back-end regular requests and delivered to various departments (ex. compliance, business, branches, anti-money laundry...). 
      • Streamlined the reporting process through tuning SAS/SQL script and automated reporting process. 


    Tilburg University, The Netherlands 

    MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics 

    2012 - 2013

    National Taipei University

    Bachelor degree of Statistics

    2007 - 2012 

    Innsbruck Uni., Austria

    Exchange student in Social Science, Economics, and Business Administration

    2009 - 2010



    • Programming: SAS/SQL/Python
    • BI tool: Tableau
    • Database: Teradata, SAP HANA, SAS
    • Office software: Excel, Powerpoint, Word


    • Chinese(Native) 
    • English (Fluent) 
      • TOEIC 880
      • TOFEL 95

    Other Skills 

    • Communication            
    • Leadership                    
    • Presentation                  
    • Team building               


    郭蕓萍 Yun-Ping Kuo


    Data Analyst/Business Analyst/Business Development 資料分析師



    [email protected]


    Assistant Manager | 2021/08 - 在職

    • 業務開發 
      • 一站式服務,擔任台灣區藥廠客戶台灣總窗口,了解客戶商業數據分析需求,提供顧問式服務暨解決方案,負責提案簡報、報價、訂單、合約處理,並後續將專案執行落地
      • 領先年度業績目標129%、提高台灣區訂閱專案數達132%、提升會員訂閱年費達9%、並延長客戶服務訂閱年份達160%
    • 市場資料分析 
      • 執行產業市場數據分析,並定期向前10大藥廠客戶簡報分析該客戶之成長動能及商業洞見,提升顧客信賴及展現裕利數據與數位化之加值服務優勢
      • 提供新冠疫情之於產業影響的市場分析報告,每月向管理階層及重要客戶匯報

    Data Analytic Specialist |
    2019/02 - 2021/07 


    • 客群資料分析
      • 設計以資料為導向的視覺化圖表,分析顧客訂單行為,並提供具體的解決方案。以協助客戶優化商業決策、增加收益
      • 建立第一個互動化視覺圖表以提高病患黏著度
    • 顧客關係管理
      • 擔任6大藥廠的台灣窗口,針對不同藥廠客戶提出客製化服務及後續溝通追蹤
      • 新戶開發:拜訪並介紹服務、及展示視覺化圖表;舊戶關係管理:定期舉辦研習說明會,介紹新服務以提升客戶關係
      • 針對台灣客戶痛點,與新加坡團隊合作研擬新服務
    • 研討會台灣窗口
      • 負責籌備第一屆線上研討會之分析內容,代表台灣團隊與新加坡團隊合作分析新冠疫情對台灣健康照顧產業之衝擊,並向台灣客戶提出建議
    • 工作流程優化
      • 利用自動化程序簡化工作流程提升效能
      • 利用程式串接內外部資料,降低客戶人工作業成本

    Event Planning and Coordinator  | 2016/04 - 2018/09 


    • 活動企劃、營隊執行長
      • 期間辦理超過10場活動。內容包含:團員招募、名稱發想、活動教案編寫及執行、活動宣傳等
      • 成立團隊指導籌備假期營隊
    • 生命教育老師&講師
      • 擁有50多次公開演講/授課的經驗,接觸超過600多位聽眾
      • 每周一次進國中班教學
    • 大學生小組長
      • 帶領陪伴約10-20位學生,輔導面對人生、家庭、課業、感情等狀況

    Business Analyst | 2013/12 - 2016/03 


    • 銷售名單產出及管理
      • 負責10餘種金融商品(ex. 信用卡、房貸、個人銀行)之行銷管道溝通、名單產出及後續成效追蹤
      • 利用程式合併資料、訂下審核條件,利用獎勵制度提升顧客忠誠度。其中平均每個月促成會員禮 95% 審核完成且發放
      • 分析資料以提升精準客群行銷
    • 擔任跨國專案 GRC (Global Reporting Cube)之台灣窗口
      • 協助花旗台灣與其他國家在報表上取得統一的定義及格式,負責與各國窗口匯報進度、討論定義並取得共識
      • 監督指導印度工程師在台三個月內完成程式,半年後正式上線,並後續程式維護及執行
      • 提供台灣資料庫及商品特性給總公司
    • 個人銀行新品上線顧問
      • 建立 mapping code 提供事業體新品需要
      • 撈取後端資料以驗證產品系統邏輯
    • 產出 Ad-hoc 報表
      • 處理超過30件報表維護、發放至各單位(ex. 行銷部, 法務, 分行 ...) ,以及後端資料查詢及撈取
      • 透過 SAS/SQL 優化程式邏輯、簡化報表作業流程


    荷蘭蒂爾堡大學 Tilburg University | 2012/09 - 2013/09 

    計量經濟學系 MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics

    台北大學 | 2007/09 - 2012/02 


     奧地利茵斯布魯克大學 管理學院 SOWI | 2009/09 - 2010/09 

    一年期交換學生 (Sozial und Wirtschaftswissenschaften)



    • 熟悉 Office 文書處理軟體 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...) 
    • Programming; SAS、SPSS、SQL、weka、Python
    • BI tools: Tableau
    • Database: SAP, SAS, Teradata 


    • 中文(母語) 
    • 英文 聽說讀寫流利 (TOEIC 880)


    • 活動企劃 
    • 教學展示
    • 簡報技巧、公開演講
    • 團隊合作、領導

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