Yun-Syuan Jhong

No. 42-1, Xinxing Rd., Tongluo Township, Miaoli County 366, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Master Degree,National Chiao-Tung university,2019 - 2021(expected)

Overall GPA: 3.66 / 4.3
Research topic: Remote IoT Device-Controlling Automation. PCS Lab

Bachelor Degree,National Tsing-Hua University,2015 - 2019

Overall GPA: 3.57 / 4.3

Research topic: Per-Layer Model Compression. NASIC Lab


Research Assistant,SEP. 2019 - Present

Research assistant of Center for Open Intelligent Connectivity in Automatic Control of IoT-based Smart Agriculture.

Teaching Assistant,AUG. 2018

Teaching electronic components in Minecraft in a summer camp for elementary school students


  • Deep Neural Network Compression - Per-layer Quantization
    This project tries to simulate currently unsupported fix-pointed computation to reduce the computation overhead of inference caused by using full-precision weights to predict the results.

  • Generalization of "Rethinking the Value of Network Pruning"
    "Rethinking the Value of Network Pruning" states that model architecture is more important than it's weight. This project generalized the result of this paper by conducting similar experiments upon imbalanced datasets.

  • Process Scheduler Implementation
    This project implements a multilevel feedback queue scheduler in NachOS, including the following features: preemptive SJF queue, aging, execution-time estimation, round-robin, assignable priority, priority scheduling.

  • K-NN Accelerator
    This project implements a K-NN hardware Accelerator in Verilog with open-sourced PicoRV32 CPU. This project also implements a Software version of KNN written in provided firmware as a baseline to compare with the accelerator. 

  • FTP Proxy for transfer-rate limitation
    This project implements a FTP Proxy written in C Socket. This proxy can limit data transfer rate by blocking the packets sent to meet the demanded overall transfer rate. 

  • Simple Shell in OS-less Environment
    This project implements a mini-uart based simple shell running on OS-less rasberry-pi3 b+ hardware. The shell is first developed in Linux with QEMU/gdb. Languages included are ARM assembly, linker Script and C

Skills & Courses

  • Skills
    • Programming Languages: C / C++, Python, Javascript, Verilog
    • Languages: TOEIC 835, GEPT High intermediate (Preliminary)
    • OS: Linux / Windows
    • Others: : AWS, GCP, Azure, Git, MySQL
  • Courses
    • Master Level:  
      VLSI System Design, Cloud Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Practice, Natural Language Processing, Network Security, RTOS

    • College Level: 
      Cryptography and Network Security, Introduction of Integrated Circuit Design, Digital System Design, Introduction to Internet of Things

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