Yunchen Li

Backend developer with product designing mindset

Tayouan, TW
[email protected]



I've joined High5.ai since May - 2020, love to learning and exploring new knowledges. Currently, I am working on a new project AHoy!. It's a big and complicated App with lots of business logic and new technical, such as location base data. Vessel and Plane route planning base on weather, turning points open data using TSP to solve problem.



- C++

- Javascript / Typescript


- Angular


- Node.js

- Express.js / Nest.js

- MySQL / PostgreSQL

- MongoDB/ElasticSearch/Aerospike

- Redis/Memcached


- Swagger

- Message Queue (RabbitMQ / Kafka)

- Unit Test / Integration Test


- CI / CD (TravisCI/circleCI)

- Docker / Kubernetes



Work Experience

High5 Backend Engineer                                                                                     May 2020 - Now

1. Design and Maintaining ChatBot Microservices.
2. Redesign backend architecture shifting services communication from sync to async by using Kakfa.
    Increasing around 30% of efficiency, and decoupling business logic.
3. Integrating with Facebook & Line & Google API for our ChatBot Services.
3. Optimizing cost & load performance by adjusting algorithm increasing around 50% of cost.
4. Supporting Internal Tools development, such as ML Models SDK and makefile for integrating with cli commands. 

ISAP Backend Engineer                                                                              April 2020 - May 2020

1. Design and Maintaining Visual Recognition Backend using Typescript-Express.
2. Optimizing cost & load performance by adjusting algorithm by adjusting algorithm increasing around 20% of cost.
3. Supporting Internal Tools developement.

EDOM Firmware Engineer                                                                           Mar 2018 - July 2019 

1. Responsible for BLDC products firmware support, using C++ to maintain and design features.
2. Analyze and feedback on acoustic report to customer's. 
3. Supporting current sensor hardware and firmware design.

CHINPOON Product Design Engineer                                                      Mar 2017 - Mar 2018

1. Generating more than 30 products including Normal & HDI prototype in both sample and M/P. 

2. Improve process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standards.


AHoy! App

- Introduction: AHoy! App is designed to support those who needs communicating and keep social connection where they are offshore. The App will support route planning, offline map view, real time chat, trip sharing, and post sharing in the first MVP. 

 - Using Typescript / Golang for backend microservices. 

 - Using Flutter for IOS / Android / PWA. 

 - Using RabbitMQ / Kafka for microservices communication. 

 - Using PostgreSQL for RDBMS. (Each service has it's own SQL DB) 

 - Using Redis for Cache and Rate-limiting. (Each service has it's own Cache) 

 - Using CircleCI to build CI/CD pipelines.

 - Using Makefile for controlling multiple Docker containers. 

 - Data Collection from Data.world 

 - Using GPS for location tracking. 

 - Using Dijkstra and D* for route planning.

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Favorite Movies 

- Introduction: If you are a movies lover, here is the right places to be. In this repo you can easliy running an entire application with make script. In this moive application you will be able to real-time sharing your favorites movies with the other users.

 - Using Typescript for backend microservices. 

 - Using Vue Typescript for frontend. 

 - Using Websocket for real time data. 

 - Using PostgreSQL for main database.

 - Using CircleCI to build CI/CD pipelines.

 - Using Makefile for controlling multiple Docker containers. 

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- Introduction: A Sample Task Manage Card Board System with user profile System, sensitive infomation is protected by JWT.

- Using Nest.js with Typescript

- Design Backend with low coupling

- Using DTO and Repository Design Pattern to handle data

- Using TypeORM and PostgresQL



- Introduction: A advance version of Task manage system, it extends task operation to booking and authoring operation which has been handle over by different service

- Using RabbitMQ Message Queue Model

- Using Nestjs and Typescript for Backend

- Using Docker and Docker-compose for deployment

- Makefile supported

- Using TypeORM and PostgresQL

E-Commerce Website

- Introduction: An E-commerce Website which allow users to shop online. And supporting administrator to manage website as well. 

- Using Vue/Vuex/Vuetify/V-chart for front-end development 

- Design Backend with TDD 

- Using TravisCI to build CI/CD pipelines, meanwhile using Docker for Artifacts Management 

- Using Swagger to auto generate API document and supporting test 

- Supporting third party cash flow 

- Using GCP Gmail API and nodemailer to implement mail operation 

- Using Redis for Cache design and store session data 

- Using Pm2 for process management 

- Using Docker-Swarm with AWS EC2 to build cluster

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- Introduction: A decentralized crypto- currency network, which allows users to mine the transaction and showing the status of every blocks. 

- Design Front-end with React
- Design BlockChain system from scratch
- Using Redis Pub/Sub to implement p2p network
- Using POW to prevent 51% attack 
- Chain system with OOP 
- Using RESTful Api to allow communication in the network 
- Coding style follow eslint 
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Stock Market Info


- Introduction: The project is at the second sprint, expecting to implement transaction feature and transfer website to micro-service in sprint 3 which is naming into stockapi-micro

- Design Front-end with React 

- Restful Api structure 

- Using JWT to protect routes 

- Using Redis to implement Black List.

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Open Source

- A SDK package which allows you to send POST request via Newebpay API to implement third party cash flow and it's Typescript supported.

Beautiful Logger

- Are you tired of seeing a the logs where only have white output on your terminal. Then Beautiful Logger is your another option where you can log with different kind of mode types supporting different kinds of colors output. Beautiful Logger also supports cloud storage with NoSQL where you can choose MongoDB or Redis so far, at the next version it might adding DynamoDB and ELK supporting.


ALPHA Camp Full stack Bootcamp                                                                     Feb 2019 - Feb 2020

National Taiwan Ocean University Bachelor of Transportation Science       Sep 2012 - Jun 2015

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