Amanda Chan



┃About Me┃

Growing up, I was always passionate about doodling, always interested in creating. In middle school, I started to run an Instagram account posting various of my design works for my followers to print out for free. With more and more followers and compliments from them, this passion project had triggered my goal as a designer since then. I took a series of design classes outside of school to learn more about design and computer skills, and I liked to follow fashion and design trends when I had free time.



- 經營Instagram帳號,發佈系列明星週邊產品提供列印


- 代設計杯套、海報、貼紙、徽章、手幅、小卡、扇子

- 擔任yearbook總編輯,帶領組員從設計到印刷完成class of 2021畢業紀念冊

- 加入學校攝影社團,負責學校活動拍攝


 Middle School

Running a service account with posts of my idol's design work on Instagram.

 High School

- Freelancer: designing coffee cup holders, posters, stickers, pins and plastic fans.

- Editor-in-Chief: leading the yearbook team to design and print out Class of 2021 yearbook.

- Photography Team Member: responsible for shooting all of the school events.


美國紐約Fashion Institute of Technology

Communication Design


Graphic Design

($64,580 USD獎學金)

College Acceptance

Fashion Institute of Technology / New York. USA

Communication Design

ArtCenter / California. USA

Graphic Design

(granted with $64,580 USD scholarship)



My Future Expectations

I graduated from Grace Christian Academy in 2021, and decided to take a gap year before college due to the uncertainty of Covid-19. My goal is to find a long-term internship during this gap year, so as to feed up my curiosity about the industry and gain experience that the school cannot offer. I'm looking forward to going to college with a different perspective next September.

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