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Yuri Vanetik is an American financier and political coalition builder. He is a founder and managing partner of Vanetik International, LLC, a management consulting firm offering services including advisory and strategic planning to businesses and industries globally. He is considered an expert in mergers & acquisitions and capital formation. He is also a Principal at Dominion Partners LLP and Dominion Asset Management, LLC, which is a real estate investment fund based in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, California. Yuri Vanetik has a background in securities law, corporate governance, business strategy, and financial planning. Because of his diverse professional background, Yuri is consistently featured as a guest author for a variety of well-known publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Law, Forbes, and California Business Journal

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About Yuri Vanetik, Business Strategist, Business Owner, Political Coalition Builder, and Philanthropist

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University of California, Berkeley
Bachelors of Arts, Legal Studies & Political Philosophy 1987-1991
Yuri Vanetik graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with highest honors (Phi Beta Kappa), and is an executive graduate of the Anderson Business School at UCLA.

University of California, San Francisco
Juris Doctor Degree (JD), Law, 1994-1997
Yuri Vanetik earned his J.D. from the University of California, San Francisco, Hastings (1997), where he was the President of the International Law Society, and the recipient of the coveted American Jurisprudence Award.

Anderson Business School at UCLA
Executive Graduate, Management, 2001
Yuri Vanetik graduated from the Anderson Business School at UCLA as an executive graduate in 2001, where he studied management.

The Wharton School-Spencer Stuart
Graduate, 2003
Yuri Vanetik graduated from the "Corporate Governance Essentials for New Directors" program offered by the the Wharton School's Aresty Institute of Executive Education.


Iger, Koehler & Vanetik, LLP
Iger, Koehler & Vanetik, LLP is a law firm specializing in corporate governance, public listings, counseling boards of publicly traded companies and represents independent directors, and committees on which they servce. 

Vanetik International, LLC, 1995-Present
In his role as Managing Director, Yuri Vanetik is responsible for managing the financial policies and strategic growth of Dominion Partners. His responsibilities include overseeing equity financing and joint ventures, and raising capital. 

Managing Partner
Dominion Asset Management, 2010-Present
In his role as Managing Director, Yuri Vanetik is responsible for managing the financial policies and strategic growth of Dominion Partners. His responsibilities include overseeing equity financing and joint ventures, and raising capital.


  • American Jurisprudence Award, 1997
  • President, International law Society, 1997
  • CALI Excellence for Future Award
  • Security & Exchange Commission Institute’s Reporting and Audit Executive Program Completion, 2005

Political Positions

  • Finance Chair, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher 
  • Board of Governors, Homeland Security Council 
  • California Criminal Justice Council, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger 
  • Finance Leadership, National Republican Governors Association 
  • California Lottery Commissioner, California Governor 
  • California Economic Strategy Commission, State Senate 

Volunteer Experience

  • Board of Directors, Orange County Performing Arts Center 
  • Lincoln Fellow, the Claremont Institute
  • Board of Directors, Red American Cross
  • Trustee, Kennedy Center National Symphony
  • Board of Directors, Pacific Research Institute
  • Board of Directors, CalWatchDog.org 

  • Board of Directors, Gen Next Foundation
  • Board of Directors, Miracles For Kids
  • Board of Directors, Center For Global Change
  • Member, Advanced Disaster Action Team For San Bernardino
  • Board Member, Heritage Foundation

Yuri Vanetik's Monthly Blogs

Throughout his career, Yuri Vanetik has acquired a significant amount of professional experiences that he enjoys sharing with others. Learn more about Yuri Vanetik's professional background, and how he became interested in politics, philanthropy, and education. 
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Yuri Vanetik has always been passionate about philanthropy, and has acquired a lengthy list of positions with various organizations throughout the years. Based on his experience, Yuri now runs a monthly blog that covers a variety of topics within philanthropy. Visit his blog to learn more.

Business & Finance

With over 25 years of professional experience under his belt, Yuri Vanetik consistently shares his insight on important topics in business that others can use. Visit his monthly blog on business and finance here.

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Politics & policy

Using his expansive experience, Yuri Vanetik is passionate about American politics, and has been recognized for several positions he has been appointed to over the years. Learn more about what is going on in politics on Yuri's monthly blog here.

Vanetik Post

Are you looking for a website that gives a great overview of Yuri Vanetik, and his journey through his professional experience? He created Vanetik Post as another way for him to share his professional insights on the latest today's news, with focus on today's politics. 

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