Zake Zhang

Marketing Manager Assistant  •  Shenzhen,China  •  [[email protected]]

I have experience that operate project on Indiegogo(Max Pump) and Kickstarter(Helio)


This is Zack, just graduated from college, with bachelor's degree and CET-6 of English. I major in Engineering of material and minor in operations related courses. I've studied online marketing via Coursera to improve my personal skill of my interesting career. And also I found myself have potential skill of crowdfunding because of I learned from few campaign that I've involved with. 

Experience 01,2015.09 -2017.01

When I was in my third year of college, I started a company with another four classmates. We designed our own products, and launched in crowdfunding platform. The brain storm came from our hands-on experience of some outdoor products when we go hiking, camping and so on. After found out the pain point of the product, investigate the market demand and make sure the feasibility of production. We started designing the first product, "Max pump." We launched our product on indiegogo for 60 days and the result were 200 thousand dollars.We do pre-launch ,video,photo,gif, page design(all parts), marketing, communication, media resources,  FB(Twitter ins Google+) operating ,group building…all by ourself.After that we made a outdoor lantern named ”Helio” in kickstarter. What I mean, I have a good understanding of the whole process.

Experience 02,2017.01- 2017.04

Neusoft product manager of a Member management system named "Wa Housekeeper".(From idea to launch app to Apple store market, also with bunch of ads and online marketing strategy to push the App to the Top rank)


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                                                                         Kickstarter "Helio" -- A Outdoor Lantern


I love and good at communicating with people(Team spirit). I have excellent coordination ability and love challenging work, with fast learning ability and high sense of responsibility. I am able to withstand the pressure and full of curiosity and the spirit of exploration of new things.


Ms office 

Core & Auto CAD



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