I like to try new tools and feel happy when the goals are completed one by one.

Android app development, contacted the oracle MAF cross-platform solution development ios and android.

Then focused on the development of Bluetooth-related APP, such as Bluetooth lamp operation, IoT device data collection, Bluetooth device management platform, etc. Also contacted the development of nordic firmware.

After entering the content providing field, APP development. Run the Sprint development process. Try to use kotlin as the main development body, use coroutine instead of thread, and use retrofit2 to package RESTful API, firebase service for push, data collection, crash report, and facebook sdk connection The third-party login three months to rewrite a version of the APP and put it on the store.

Android Develop, software engineer
Taipei ,TW
[email protected]


  • Android Bluetooth
  • Android Java & Kotlin
  • Android Jetpack
  • Kotlin Coroutine with Android
  • Native Component prefer
  • Android Refrofit2
  • Cordova App


Next Bank, Android Developer, Nov 2019 ~ Present

The android bank app is established. Use kotlin to develop, use jetpack Compose and MVVM framework to structure the app. Together with the ios team, Kotlin Native is used as an intermediary for sharing logic and server data. Connect to the back-end services of the bank.

Accupass, Android Developer, Feb 2019 ~ May 2019

APP refurbished and launched (using Kotlin, Back-end API Retrofit2 serial connection, Facebook third-party login, Firebase Analytic behavior tracking, Firebase Cloud Message push function, Firebase Crash Crashlytics crash report, Native APP embedded in webview payment page)

MtM Technology, Software developer, Sep 2015 ~ Oct 2018

Bluetooth 3-axis sensor display App (Android Java, CSR BlueTooth chip, BOSH Accelerometer) Parse SaaS Device Management System Establishment (Parse Platform) Cloud management platform android library(Android Java, HttpURLConnection) aws iot android library(Android java, AWS SDK) Cross-platform heartbeat blood oxygen monitoring Bluetooth app (Cordova Blood oxygen detection hardware) mbed nordic Bluetooth firmware (Nordic Toolchain, mbed, 3-axis sensor, UV sensor, Alcohol sensor,) Water Quality Monitoring Firmware Development (Nordic Toolchain Water sensing hardware)

Mackay Memorial Hospital, Software developer, Feb 2015 ~ Aug 2015

Cross-platform app development using oracle solutions Burns and scalds compress medicine timing computer app Medical staff use VB for scheduling function Health insurance accounting system update using VB


CC&C Technologies, Software developer, Sep 2014 ~ Dec 2014

Maintain Netcom product functions Maintain Android app


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