Zhane Cox

A graduate of Passaic County Community College, Zhane Cox is a Twitch and YouTube content creator who resides in Paterson, New Jersey. He focuses on video-game live streams and is most active on Twitch, through which he launched his brand, Kamon Channel, in 2017. His streams are primarily comprised of online matches against other players in player-versus-player (PVP) games or ones with PVP components, as well as playthroughs of video games in various genres. Through the use of humor and friendly engagement with other players and his audience, he hopes to imbue his channel with an inviting and uplifting tone and to build a community of viewers.

Games that he has played during his live streams have included independently developed ones and popular titles such as Animal Crossing, Pokémon, God of War, and Overwatch. On Twitch, he usually streams PVP matches and favors Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the fifth installment in Nintendo’s long-running crossover fighting game. The franchise, which is played competitively in the US and abroad, has been a staple on the video-game tournament scene since the early 2000s. Mr. Cox’s YouTube channel mostly consists of video-game playthroughs and is the streaming platform for Scary Game Fridays, a monthly series where he plays different horror games alongside other content creators.

In addition to these endeavors, he enjoys singing and often does so while streaming on Twitch.

Paterson, US
[email protected]

Work Experience

Kamon Channel (Twitch and YouTube), Content Creator, Jan 2017 ~ Present

Launched Twitch channel in 2017
Live streamed participation in online tournaments
Launched YouTube channel in 2020
Introduced Scary Game Fridays series in collaboration with other content creators in 2020
Grew the viewer community
Made connections with other content creators
Collaborated with a favorite YouTube content creator

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