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Vancouver, Canada

Position applied: Senior Software Engineer; Senior FrontEnd Engineer; Senior Software Developer


  • 10+ years experience in FrontEnd and BackEnd development 
  • Own products and open source projects 
  • Team work and 20+ team management experience 
  • Have a strong desire for knowledge, willing to share
  • Multiple development languages 

Technology Stack

React, Webpack, JSX, Enzyme, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, ES6, node.js, npm, gulp, Bootstrap, Chrome Extensions, Smarty, Velocity, Freemarker, Liquid, EJS, Python, PHP, Jekyll, mySQL, SQLite, Git, CMS, Bash, Redis, Solr, CI, Jenkins, TravisCI, Mocha, Chai, Coveralls, Open-Source, Postgresql, Bitbucket, Sequelize, mongoose


Senior Software Developer, Oct 2017 - Present, Envisio Solutions Inc.

Work in Technology Group.

Public Dashboard System: Rebuilding Server side code.(Heroku, Bitbucket, Apollo, Postgresql, Sequelize, GraphQL, React, Redux, Fontawesome Pro, Froala Editor Pro, Lodash, Immutable, Apollo Engine, Express, S3, JWT)

Performance Management System: (GraphQL, React, Redux, Coffee Script, Ruby On Rails)

Senior Manager, Jul 2013 - Oct 2017, Phoenix New Media ( http://www.ifeng.com/)

Work in Front-End Technology Group, Manage nearly 30 people Team, include 3 managers and 1 director.

QA(Quality assurance): Standardize the development of the code, through the Unit-Test (Mocha, Chai, Enzyme) to check the availability of the code, Coverage testing to ensure the robustness of the code(Coveralls, Istanbul), through the Continuous Integration of services (TravisCI, Jenkins) for product deployment.

WMS(Workflow Management System) Development(React, JSX, Highcharts, node.js, webpack, gulp): Transfer the work to the online operation, improve the examination and approval, filing, content control and management, improve the traditional work mode. Open Source Project: Part of the internal product into open source products, feedback to the open source community(GitHub, npm).

Internal service construction(npm, GitLab, Jenkins): Component management, version management, and continuous integration of internal private code.

MCS(Manuscript source - contract management system) Development(node.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Canvas, eCharts): Cooperate with the finance department to analyze the business and provide the related products to supervise the business expenses.

FrontEnd build process(Gulp, webpack, node.js, npm): Upgrade the original products based on new technology.

Chrome Extension Development(Javascript, ES6, i18n, Bootstrap, Chromium): Through the analysis of the content and structure of the specified page to grab the article page.

Manager, Jul 2012 - Jul 2013, Phoenix New Media ( http://www.ifeng.com/)

Work in Operation Technology Group, Manage nearly 20 people Team.

Technical training and promotion: New technology training and Application Development Guide. (HTML5, CSS3, node.js)

Social activities: Take part in the technical seminar of the industry, accept the invitation of the external company(http://www.sina.com.cn/, http://www.xcar.com.cn/, http://www.tax861.gov.cn/ and etc.) to carry out the new technical explanation and solution evaluation.

Knowledge base(WIKI) construction(Jekyll, Ruby, Python, Markdown, Liquid, YAML): Accumulation of business experience and Technology. (Independently)

CMS(Content Management System) Development(Java, Rhino, ExtJS, Solr, Redis, JMS(Active MQ), mySQL, mongoDB, JSON, JSOUP): Migrate from the original system to the new platform based on business requirements. (Teamwork)

FrontEnd build process(Grunt, Bower, node.js): Repetitive work in automated development. (Teamwork)

Page Development(Javascript, HTML, CSS, Velocity, Freemarker): Daily topic page development. (Teamwork)

FrontEnd Software Engineer, Jun 2008 - Jul 2012, Phoenix New Media ( http://www.ifeng.com/)

Work in Technical Support Group (5 people).

CMS(Content Management System) Development(PHP, mySQL, Smarty, Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS, JSON): All channel template production.(Independently)

Dreamweaver extension Development(Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS): To simplify the development process and improve the efficiency of the template development.(Independently)

VOS(Video Operating System) Development(Java, Rhino, Freemarker, ExtJS, Solr, Redis, JMS(Active MQ), SQL Server, mySQL, mongoDB, JSON, JSOUP, C#.net, VB.net): Migrate from the original system (C#) to the new platform (Java+Rhino) based on business requirements.(Independently)

Chrome Extension Development(Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JSON): To quickly edit the page without entering the background system. (Independently)

Visual Studio Plugins Develoopment(C#.net, JScript, Javascript, HTML): Through the integration of common code and logic function, improve the development efficiency of business code. (Independently)

Page Development(Javascript, HTML, CSS): Daily topic page development. (Teamwork)

Personal product



TOP 20% in npm. Analysis of image information, get GPS positioning, camera models and other related information. Cross platform, based entirely on native node.js code development, no third party component dependencies.



TOP 35% in npm.By encoding the specified GPS coordinates, the location information is returned. Support Google and Baidu Two Map service.



One of Gulp plugins, the pipeline information sent to the specified interface.



Analyze the current page resources and add the relevant resources to the pipeline.

Tag Fetcher


Sends the selected information to the specified interface by marking the page element.



After analyzing the current page link address, send it to the specified interface.


College Degree, CST(Computer science and technology), 01 Sep 2013 - 10 Jan 2016, Beihang University

Beihang University (BUAA) was founded in 1952 with the merger of the aeronautical departments from eight top Chinese universities. Today it is one of the nation’s foremost research universities supported by China’s Project 211, Project 985 and Project 2011.

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