Tzu-Heng (Brian) Huang

Location: Madison, WI           Email: [email protected] / [email protected]u            : LinkedIn.zihengh1 (Latest)



National Chengchi University           Sep. 2016 ~ Jul. 2020
  • B.S. in Computer Science

  • Major GPA 3.96, Overall GPA: 3.89

  • TA Experience: Database System (Spring 2020), Data Mining (Spring 2020), Data Mining (Fall 2020), Social Computing (Fall 2020), and Algorithms (Spring 2021).

University of Wisconsin, Madison           Start in Aug. 2021
  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (with full scholarship)

  • Research Interests: Data Mining, Time Series, Deep Learning, Graph Mining, and Sensor Networks.


  • Programming Languages: 
    Python, R, C++ / C, SQL, LaTex, VBA, Shell Script.

  • Database Management Systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite.

  • Other Skills: Tensorflow, Keras, Vim, ShinyApp, Flask, Dash, Docker, Git, Eagle (PCB Design).
  • International Intern Scholarship: granted by National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan.

  • Student Research Scholarship: granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan.

  • First-year Computer Science Scholarship: granted by Department of Computer Science, UW-Madison.

Research Experience

Jul. 2019 ~ Sep. 2019                     MCS, Argonne National Laboratory

Research Intern at Array of Things                                                                                              @Illinois, United States

  • Developed ensemble learning with DNN to calibrate temperature sensor for radiative error reduction
  • Applied pattern identification on time series to improve the performance of calibration model by 25%.
  • Established data API to transfer sensor data between two large scale air monitoring network platforms.

Feb. 2018 ~ Jul. 2020                                IIS, Academia Sinica

Research Assistant at Network Research Lab                                                                                      @Taipei, Taiwan

  • Deployed Seq2seq models to forecast multivariate time series in large scale low-cost sensor networks.
  • Proposed an adaptive calibration framework with regression models to ensure sensor data quality.
  • Deployed an on-device pretrained audio model to recognize environmental sounds with F1-score 75%.
  • Designed a maker-based sensor hub with OTA updates to detect various environmental conditions.
  • PiM25 was cooperated with Raspberry Pi Org. and was the first Taiwan’s project published in Magpi.
  • Encrypted data in Sigfox Networks and developed calibration models to improve sensor data quality.

Sep. 2018 ~ Jul. 2021                                National Chengchi University

Research Assistant at Data Mining and Multimedia Lab                                                                    @Taipei, Taiwan

  • Developed spatial-temporal correlation model for missing value imputation with error rate <10%.
  • Proposed a novel quality audit framework to inspect sensor performance for low-cost sensor networks.
  • Developed spatial-temporal models based on DCRNN to detect anomalies in time series by prediction.
  • Built ConvLSTM/Seq2seq/TCN models in sensor networks to predict sensor status with F1-score 85%.

Jul. 2017 ~ Jul. 2020                                  National Chengchi University

Research Assistant at College of Commerce                                                                                  @Taipei, Taiwan

  • Developed automative visualization platform to generate employee personality assessments.
  • Developed ML models (SVM/XGBoost/LightGBM) to predict employee turnover with accuracy 90%.
  • Discovered useful knowledge rules and potential factors for manufacturing plants to retain employees.
  • Developed an interactive online tool to estimate effects for multi-level models with Monte Carlo.

Invited Talks and Academic Activities

"The 24th of the Raspberry Pi Meetup"
Speaker invited by Raspberry Pi Org. (TW), Jan. 2019.
"Raspberry Pi Jam"
Speaker invited by Raspberry Pi Org. (TW), Mar. 2019.
"Techbang Magazine PiM25 Sharing"
Speaker invited by Techbang Magazine, Mar. 2019.
"LASS Conference International Session"
Speaker invited by Academia Sinica, Jul. 2019.
"International Intern Sharing Session".
Speaker invited by NCCU, Jul. 2019.
"IoT Tutorial For High School Students". 
Speaker invited by Nangang High School, Dec. 2019.
"IEEE Global Communications Conference 2020".
Paper Reviewer, Jul. 2020.
"Student Association of Taiwan at UW-Madison".
Vice President 
serving on SAT committee, starting in Jun. 2021.
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