Zouber Tzou

Product Manager / Project Manager / Scrum Master  •  Taipei,TW  •  [email protected]

Hello! I'm zouber. I have been working in the field of technology startup for 10 years. I have 5+ years of product / project managing experience, participated in the design for 4 products, 3+ years of experience in Agile development (by using Scrum framework), and I've founded 2 companies. 

I am passionate and experienced about business strategic thinking, user behavior analytics, team building and market researching, combine those proficiencies with my background in computer science, I believe I can make some contributions in this position.

I'm a technological optimist, which believes that technologies can make our life better. We are now facing a great paradigm shift, the only thing I am sure of is that I need to get myself ready by improve my proficiencies constantly and ride on the wave by joining an outstanding technology startup!

Skills / Tools

Project Management

  • 3 years of experience with Agile/Scrum development
  • Product development and launching processes (using GAE)
  • Prioritize product features (Product Backlog)
  • Product specs writing
  • Development schedule and risk management

User-centered design

  • User research / User interview
  • requirements analysis
  • Personas
  • User stories
  • User flow
  • Prototyping / Wireframe


  • Market & competitor research
  • Strategy Map
  • Business Canvas
  • Lean Startup / MVP
  • Pricing Strategies
  • System Dynamics

Programming skill

  • Google App Engine / webapp framework / Django
  • Python / Beautiful Soup
  • Selenium
  • Javascript / jQuery
  • Apache / PHP / MySQL
  • Git
  • C / C++

Growth strategy

  • Define product objectives, key results and metrics
  • Find effective growth strategies by experiments
  • Data analytics tools(Google Analytics, Amplitude)

Team Management

  • Coaching Leadership
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • The Coaching Game
  • 1:1 Meeting
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Cognitive psychology / Cognitive bias


National Chiao Tung University, master’s degree of Computer Science, 2006 ~ 2008

  • Learning Science and Technology Lab
  • Main research area including: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Game, Social Simulation.
  • Topic of my thesis was "Collective opinion and attitude dynamics dependency on informational and normative social influences", which combined computer simulation methodologies and social psychology theories to discuss emergence or flip of public opinions.
  • My thesis was published in the journal "Simulation" in 2010 (pdf).


National Central University, bachelor’s degree of Mathematics, 2001 ~ 2005

  • Major in mathematics and computer science

  • Joined the student association of math department and took a part of the math summer camp in 2002 .
  • Play table tennis for the varsity for 2 years, leader of table tennis team of math department for 1 year.

Work Experience

Bounty Hunter, Scrum Master / Project Manager / Technical Leader, Oct 2016 ~ Nov 2019

  • Product / Project Management
    1. As a scrum master, I facilitate the scrum process, e.g. remove the impediments we facing and share my insight with team members during retrospective meeting.
    2. Make sure each sprint task finished on schedule, especially when there are urgent request from our project customer.
    3. Hold daily scrum everyday to keep synchronous with team members.
    4. Design the test cases with QA team
    5. Improve the testing process by consult other software startup and read related books.
    6. When serious bug happen, discuss the ways to avoid it happen again with related engineers.
    7. Collect feedbacks/requirements from our customers, users or colleagues. Identify the issues, design a solution, and turn them into wireframe and specification document.
    8. Assist PO to manage product backlog and sprint backlog.
  • Team Management / Communication
    1. 1:1 meeting every two weeks / performance review every six months with my team members (5~7 people), to identify the difficulties they facing and discuss how to improve with them.
  • Information system design
    1. Design automatic mechanism to replace human work (e.g. search on the web for the creative competitions).
    2. Design the online review system for creative competition, it let the judges can browse and score the works online.
    3. Design the website architecture of debut (a recruitment platform for student).
  • Market research / Strategy / Data Analysis
    1. Participated in annual strategy discussion with co-founders
    2. Checked the data of creative competition over the pass 3 years to analyze our market size and growth potential
    3. Analyze the sales data over the pass 3 years to find possible problems
    4. Competitor / pricing strategy analysis
  • Project
    1. Clarify the technical requirements with salesperson and project manager, and discuss the solution and schedule with our CTO.
    2. Manager of several iconic creative competitions (e.g. 金句獎華文公關獎Taiwan Top Star 視覺設計獎) 
  • Document writing
    1. Write product training material for newbies.
    2. Write user manual for our customers.
    3. Draw system flowchart to make those complicated system function (e.g. online payment) easier to understand
  • Major achievements
    1. As a scrum master, I improve the sprint completion rate from 50% to 90%.
    2. The system was buggy for a period of time, I try to overcome this challenge by consulting technical leaders of other software startups, and read several classic books about testing, and finally we reduce bug rate by 50% by raising coverage rate of unit test, adopted automatic end-to-end testing, code review and error monitoring software.
    3. I design the online scoring system which help judges to score in a more convenient way. And this system made our product more differentiated (at least 5 iconic creative competitions used this system).
    4. Draw system logical flowchart (e.g. online payment), to make sure that all team members can collaborate base on the same understanding, which improve efficiency.
    5. Answer the strategic questions (e.g. Does the market of creative competitions decline? How should we adjust our strategy? Are there any behavioral changes about our customers these years? What's the difference between ourselves and other competitors?) by analyzing customer data and creative competitions data for the past 3 years


Sambar Deer LTD., Business Developer, Dec 2014 ~ Sep 2016

  • Develop new customers, make profit from licensing agreement.
  • Promote our IP called "Banana Man" by various way, e.g. online videos, live broadcasts, flash mob, campaign of department store... etc, I planned and executed all of these by myself.
  • Propose new business models.
  • Major achievements
    1. I concluded a licensing deal with an agriculture cooperative, which made tomatoes packaged with Banana Man's package appeared on the PX Mart (one of the biggest chained mart in Taiwan).
    2. I constructed the story settings of Banana Man's world and the standard operating procedure of Banana Man's puppet performance.
    3. I took part in the produce of Banana Man's Music Video (23 Million views).
    4. I wrote a book with my boss, which collected marketing(by IP characters) case studies around the world and analyzed the trends about IP licensing.
    5. I planned and execute 5 Banana Man's fan meetings in Global Malls all over Taiwan with over 1000 participants.


Have Fun LTD., CTO / Co-founder, Oct 2013 ~ Oct 2014

  • Implement a system (by Google App Engine) called Fanshop, which can help retailer build their website without any IT background, this system including: An online store, Product management, Stock management, Shopping cart, Member management, and customer can decide whether they want to customize layout of their online store or not.
  • Manage all the stages of product development by myself, including: drawing wireframe, documenting, implementing, testing, issue tracking, product backlog managing... etc.
  • We meet twice a week to discuss important issues, and work from home the rest of the weekdays.
  • Talk to our customers regularly to know what problems do they encounter, what function do they need, then we propose solutions accordingly.
  • Study the providing functions and subscription plans of our competitors


Tagtoo LTD., Frontend Engineer / Co-founder, Apr 2010 ~ Sep 2013

  • Develop image-tagging widget by javascript, and was included in the default blog toolbox by Pixnet.
  • Supervisor of 2 junior frontend engineers.
  • Construct first version of Tagtoo's official website.
  • Develop 8 types of online advertising layout, and their appearances are controlled by parameters.
  • Develop web crawlers to fetch product information from different EC websites (by BeautifulSoup).
  • AppWorks batch #1



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I am a very determined person, I can devote myself to something important for a long time. For example, table tennis is my hobby for almost 20 years. It has made me more positive to face challenges and developed the consciousness of deliberate practice.

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"The Singularity Is Near" All kinds of technologies are growing more and more rapidly. I think the only way to catch up is continued learning and think for ourselves. So I read at least one related book a month since 3 years ago.

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Empathy / Communicative

I have strong interest in psychology, so I know that there are many different perspectives to one subject. So, when facing dispute, I'll communicate with people in empathic way.

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"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." So I keep improving myself by reading nice books and digesting feedbacks from the others.

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Good at planning

I am good at making reasonable plan under limited resources and handle multiple tasks at once.

My Favorite Quotes

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Our task today is to find singular ways to create the new things that will make the future not just different, but better -- to go from 0 to 1. The essential first step is to think for yourself. Only be seeing our world anew, as fresh and strange as it was to the ancients who saw it first, can we both re-create it and preserve it for the future.

Zero to One, Peter Thiel

More about me

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Worth mentioning experience which form my traits and skills.


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Career Map

Benefit from 10 years of working experience, I get a clear map for my career.


Thank you for your time :) 

I hope that I will have the  chance to talk with you soon!