Gladys Chen

Sales & Marketing Department

International sales specialist

   Taichung, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan




A perky woman who is boring outside but it’s hot inside. Love traveling, photography, animals, watching movies, of course sometimes vegging out is needed.
I like to treat my clients as my friends, so I improve my speaking and listening English skills by talking to them, and sometimes will get extra market information from them surprisedly.
I’m an attentive and a responsible person so everything I do my best to make it well. Respecting different opinions but also hope everyone is open minded to solve the problems smoothly.
Because of my high stability made me staying at my previous company for a long time. If I apply for a job in the medical categories, too, since this subject is related, even if different products.  I believe they have some similar places and I’m also willing to learn new things. The sales team may teach me within the shortest and fastest time to let me get better to reduce the team’s stress and increase the company’s  revenue, since I have enough experience in this subject.

Work Experiences

松瑞製藥股份有限公司(展旺生技)  Savior Lifetec Corp.  


Sales & Marketing Department/International Sales Specialist

Jun. 2012 - Oct. 2021 

- Sales experience
- International trade procedure
- Client management
- Price quotation/negotiation
- Marketing analysis
- Customer complaints
- Agreement /Contract review
- Registration support
- International exhibition attending (CPhI)
- Documents of expert/ LC(air & sea)
- Production schedule tracking
- Interdepartmental communication and coordination


嘉南藥理大學  Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science


Department of Applied Foreign Languages

2002 - 2004

I studied International Trade at my college since it’s business. I understand it is the road to my future, so I guess it would be helpful for jobs. At the same time, I like learning English as well. So I studied Applied Foreign Languages at my university for 2 years. I use what I have learned in my workplace for practical experiences. Furthermore, I’m willing to learn more that I have never done.


Caves English Teacher Training Certification

Oxford Teacher Training Certification

Longman Teacher Training Certification

ETA member

Caves, Oxford, Longman, ETA

Issue date : June 2005 · available 

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