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After working for 17 years in anesthesiology, Lorne Cross MD made the move into Addiction Treatment and now serves as the Medical Director at Willamette Valley Treatment Center, where they offer a Medication Assisted Treatment program to help those struggling with addiction find success in their recovery. He also oversees an opioid treatment program at the Yamhill County Jail in McMinnville, Oregon. With this program, he helps to treats inmates struggling with Opioid Use Disorder through the use of medication. By offering Medication-Assisted Treatment, he and his team are helping to prevent relapse, decrease the overdose rate, and decrease the rate of recidivism in the jail population. 

 Lorne Cross, MD knew from an early age he wanted to spend his life helping people. He also had an early fascination with medical science, making a career in healthcare the perfect fit for him. Lorne received his bachelor’s degree in biology, and then earned his medical degree and completed his residency with the hope of entering the field of medicine to make a difference in the lives of his patients.


Anesthesiologist | Oregon Anesthesiology Group, PC

2007-2013 | Lorne Cross served as a Staff Anesthesiologist where his responsibilities included management roles like Medical Director of Surgical Services and Department Chairman at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center. 

Medical Director | Willamette Valley Treatment Center

2015-Present | Following his move into addiction treatment, Lorne Cross MD is serving as the Medical Director at the Willamette Valley Treatment Center where he and his team help those struggling with opioid addiction find a path to recovery through Medication Assisted Treatment. 


Lorne Cross MD shares his thoughts on various topics related to health and healthcare in Oregon.

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On this site, Lorne Cross MD discusses addiction treatment and the opioid crisis, and topics related to this.

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