Matt Chen


Like cooperating with different  people, and discussing a win-win solution, have  courage to take on any challenges.

Devoting to web development technology, I expect to  become a software engineer  

  Tainan, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan         


CIM engineer

Arch cyber 智禾科技

六月 2021 ~ 現在2 個月

使用圖控軟體監控數據和警報。 規劃設計易於維護的機台數據資料庫。在廠區裡需要有良好的抗壓性。 
1. Use the Intouch or other data collecting Software to inspect the alarm or any unusual variations.
 2. Design a good structure CMS database that is easy to maintain and update. 
3.Flexible to work with colleagues and must have good pressure resistance.

secretary  •  Applied Materials

三月 2020 - 十一月 2020

1.Approaching documents or excels My manager gave me. Besides, I have to account for the employees' travel reimbursement being revised.

2.Making the BOM lists engineers asked for. Usually, I need to communicate with logistics and submit a shipping request when they have requirements.

3.Supplies for clean room equipment. When they are out of stock, send order requests.

餐廚助手  •  王品餐飲股份有限公司(舒果餐廳)

七月 2015 - 九月 2015


1.Schedule and create menus , keep the table and utensils clean.
2. Prepare the salad and fruit before every meal. Also, a positive attitude  is required.


2014 - 2019


Bachelor of Japanese

1.Served as the equipment cadre of the department for 1 year. 

2.Teaching guitar at the Rock music club in FJU for 2 years, and also served as the club cadre for 1 year. 

2020 ~ 2021

National Central University

Institute for Information Industry

1.Learning Full-Stack Web Developing Skills.

2.576hof training, learn about OOP, ORM ,MVC, AOP design patterns and also include Frontend techniques, like Ajax , Restful API , Modern Framework concepts.

3.After the training, we make a shopping Website.



  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • JavaScript / ES6 / jQuery
  • Java software development
  • sql語言
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate ORM
  • Bootstrap3 / Bootstrap4
  • Vue.js
  • WebSocket
  • Spring Boot Framework

  • English — 進階 TOEIC 820
  • Japanese — 階 JLPTN2
  • Italian  —  略懂
  • Chinese — 母語
  • 台語 —  中階 
  • 客語  —   略懂 


   Excel      Word      PowerPoint     JavaScript / ES6 / jQuery      Java        sql語言      Spring Framework      Hibernate ORM      Bootstrap3 / Bootstrap4      Vue.js     npm          Docker   HTML/CSS      CSS       JDBC/JNDI      Spring Boot Framework     Github  Firebase  webpack   TypeScript


使用Spring boot 框架搭配前端ajax技術實現的購物網站,分為前台使用者以及後用台管理者身份,有串接第三方金流綠界API,同時也有Websocket聊天室,讓買賣家能夠溝通私訊,搭配資料庫是MSSQL.

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 2.平日作息正常,無不良嗜好,興趣很多元因為高中時就加入吉他社,有蠻多成發和表演  經驗,我印象最深刻的是南部吉他聯合迎新的活動,當時從台南出發到高雄、嘉義,最遠也到台中拜訪了不同學校的吉他社一起演出,直到現在彈奏樂器也成為了我生活中的一部分.

3.在大學期間有擔任過校內社團的指導老師,從大一就喜歡和朋友在社團玩音樂,大二同身兼系學會幹部和熱音社幹部,也熱愛和學弟妹們分享音樂方面的技巧知識,課後之餘 也參加滑板社,結交和認識不同科系的朋友. 



 6.在中壢資策會學習的這段期間不僅學習了程式語言相關專業技能,包括從基礎的Java程式語言、SQL資料庫語法,Servlet伺服器端、JSP,同時也熟悉前端FrontPage的語言;像是 JavaScript、HTML、CSS及Bootstrap開源庫的使用,到後面也學了Hibernate、Spring Framework,也用Git版本控制上傳了實作的小組專題及自己的技術學習過程.


I'm Matt, and I am graduated from Fu Jen University, Japanese major . Also, I have N2 certification(Japanese capable certification),and TOEIC 820/990 . 

My first job was acted as an administrative assistant in Applied Materials, the environment is nice, friendly colleagues, my manager also taught me how to I really appreciated last company given me the chance to approach programming, and this work lasting for 9 months.

 After this position i went to the Institute for Information Industry(III) learning about web developing and java programming. About the training i had been trained in III,I learned the cooperated skills with team members, and the hardship I had met about working the final project is the teamwork coordinated ability. Without a doubt, how to communication with people is definitely the challengeable mission, but it's certainly worth it to have such experience working with other people. 

This is such an inspiration to me after finished the 6 months training ,not only troubleshooting ability and also the high efficiency cooperation mode with team. Anyway, once I choose the path ,then there won’t have any excuses not to improve myself. 
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