BING-LI SU (蘇炳立)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0975760823


A quick and efficient learner, getting familiar with complicated source code in a short period.
I'm dedicated to improving work efficiency by writing scripts to eliminate redundant work and building up documentation for knowledge sharing.

Work Experience


Sep. 2020 - Present

Software Engineer (C/C++)

Debug Team

Develop and support debug functionality for SystemVerilog and VHDL simulator

  • Intermediate Representation (IR) cleanup and read-back testing
    • Build up the tests for IR cleanup and read-back to improve test coverage
    • Find the root cause and build an in-house case for the crash in the customer's design
  • FSDB Optimization of Long Fan-in Signal reading
    • Pruning signal reconstruction and detecting feedback loop in the signal network
    • Speedup for reading signals is up to 1000X
  • Random Test Generating (Quality Project) 
    • Support FSDB dumping
    • Improve line coverage
  • Build documentation for new employee training


July 2017 - Aug. 2017

Summer Intern (Python)

  • Bluetooth 5.0 HCI test SPEC script implementation
    • Send HCI commands and check the responses
  • Scripts to generate sequence diagram mscgen between test targets
    • Show the messages between components in the sequence diagram
    • Improve debug efficiency to recognize the error

Infortrend Technology

July 2016 - Aug. 2016

Summer Intern (C Lang)

  • Trace GlusterFS erasure coding volume file operations
  • Find the root cause of the bug in erasure coding volume
    • Version mismatch between hosts
  • Implement integration tests for critical conditions
    • Disk failure, network failure, host failure


National Chiao Tung University

Data mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

2018 - 2020

National Chiao Tung University

Bachelor of Computer Science

2014 - 2018

Open Source Contribution

SimpleFS (C Lang)

A simple filesystem for Linux kernel

  • Expand directory capacity from 128 to 40920 (~320X)
  • Expand filename limitation from 28 to 255

libchewing(C Lang)

The intelligent phonetic input method library    

  • Refine and remove outdated code
  • Fix continuous integration (CI) issue

chewing-editor (C++)

Cross platform chewing user phrase editor 

  • Build up wiki page for building, installing and basic usage
  • Add wiki link to application

Neovim (C Lang)

Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability 

  • Support completion on the wildmenu
  • Add vim patches
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