吳恩多(Andy Wu)


  Taoyuan City, Taiwan


Currently working as an interactive game software engineer, responsible for the development and maintenance of game projects, new features, event updates and commercial projects, familiar with Unity and multimedia fields.

Game Engineer (Client), has been involved in digital content development since 2018, and has accumulated experience in game architecture and cross-domain multimedia since 2016.



  [email protected]



Education 教育

National Taipei University of Business

Department of Digital Multimedia Design

This department mainly studies games and animation, learning C#, Unity, Unreal, Modeling, Rigging, 2D/3D Animation, 3D Printing, Arduino.

2014 - 2018

Work Experience 工作經歷

Programmer  •  Axis 3D Technology, Pixelight

2020.04 - Present

Develop interactive game projects, which involve a wide range of technologies, including XR, 2.5D horizontal scrolling platform games, projected digital content interactive integration, Arduino and Phidget hardware integration. Almost all projects can be developed individually. Able to organize planning needs and various art/audio resources.

Software Engineer  •  Element Cell

2019.06 - 2020.03

Working with back-end engineers, responsible for developing and maintaining game projects, event updates, new features, commercial projects, and connecting third-party services.

Technical Ability 技術力


  • Development

    ★ Programming (.NET C#)
    - Strive to follow SOLID principles and make the structure as clear as possible
    - Pay attention to maintainability, flexibility and performance
    --- Dependency Injection
    --- Reactive programming
    - Carefully partition class inheritance and retrieval methods to control the granularity and balance of program scopes
    - Apply design patterns
    - Follow the code naming principles and conventions, and pay attention to semantic fluent
    - Implement Pooling in Unity to save unnecessary memory waste
    - Handle dependencies with Zenject in Unity, making the project architecture highly flexible
    - Make good use of UniRX and Corutine in Unity to control asynchronous processes to make the program logic clear
    - Process data with Linq to improve readability and avoid excessive code
    - Use Task to handle asynchronous programs in WPF projects

    - Shader Graph
    - Visual Effect Graph
    - Animator & Animation
    - Cinemachine
    - Timeline
    - Audio System
    - Partical System
    - State Control
    - Embeded Prefabs
    - Navigation Agent
    - ScriptableObject
    - Configuration
    - Responsive UI Struct Design
    - Postprocess

    ★ Shader
    - Designed world space laser VFX & screen space distortion effects with ShaderGraph
    - Basiceloped some vertex fragment shaders and basic lighting models (PhongShading)
    - Developed some computer shaders

    ★ Side Project
    - Use Shape to create AudioVisualization special effects in Unity
    - Developed game automation program with WPF and Task
    - Developed a simple web console with html/css/js/go/mysql
    - Lidar input translation algorithm
    - Simulate keyboard and mouse events
    - Batch file tool development
    - Developed some windows tools
    - Remote/wired network pjlink projector control

  • Art

    ★ Graphic Design
    - Adobe Photoshop
    - Adobe Illustrator

    ★ 2D Animation
    - Adobe After Effects

    ★ 3D Modling/Texture/Rigging/Animation
    - Maya - Basic
    - Blender - Basic
    - ZBrush - Basic
    - Magica Voxel

    ★ VFX
    - Unity Particle System
    - Unity Trail & LineRenderer
    - Procedural Effects
    - Visual Effect Graph - Basic
    - ShaderLab & Shader Graph - Basic
    - Adobe After Effects - Basic

Unity Plugins Experience

  • Specialist

    - Better UI & UGUI
    - Feel
    - Procedural UI Image
    - AVPro Video
    - Master Object Pooler 2

  • Skilled

    - Zenject
    - UniRx - Reactive Extensions for Unity
    - Vuforia
    - Odin - Inspector and Serializer
    - Uni Web View3
    - Easy Performant Outline
    - VRTK
    - Google Play Game Services
    - Mesh Baker

  • Beginner

    - Open CV
    - Doozy UI
    - Shapes
    - Amplify Impostors
    - Boing Kit
    - Peek - Editor Toolkit
    - Flock Box DOTS
    - Enhanced Scroller
    - Aura 2 - Volumetric Lighting Fog
    - AR Foundation Editor Remote
    - CTAA V3 Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing
    - UnityAds & AdMob & IronSrouceAds
    - TouchScript
    - Obi Fluid
    - Vault Inventory
    - Ultimate Mobile Pro
    - Firebase Analytics & Cloud Messaging
    - In App Purchase FacebookSDK
    - Pro Builder
    - Anima 2D
    - Aura 2

Projects Overview

  • National Taipei University of Business Department of Digital Multimedia Design:

    - Logo & Graphic Design (PS/AI)
    - Modling/Texture/Animation (MAYA/ZB/Blender/MagicaVoxel)
    - Motion Graphics (AE)
    - Auto Feeder (Arduino)
    - Sphere Versus Square [Graduation Project] (2.5D Tower Defence PC Game #Finalist VisionGetWildAward)
    - The Extreme of Sweeping (FullyPersonalDevelopment(Including IAP & AD) IncrementalGame on mobile)
    - The Hero of Rightness [AR Interactive Game] (Industry-Academy Cooperation)

  • Element Cell:

    - Connect with the back-end to develop and maintain game projects, event updates, new features, commercial projects, and connect with third-party services.
    - Hitsujikai Monogatari 2 (Maintenance & Update)
    - Tap Shooter Sky Battle (Maintenance & Update)
    - Hiryuu Monogatari (Maintenance & Update)
    - Business software & department management software (Dev)
    - POS System (Dev)

  • Axis 3D Technology, Pixelight:

    - National Museum of Taiwan Literature - 1940 (Cross-platform 2.5D RPG)
    - National Museum of Taiwan Literature - Dream Animal Island (VR Game)
    - Taishin Bank VR Virtual Mall ft. Hola (VR business integration concept game #Integrate TSCPrinter)
    - Legislative Yuan, Republic of China(Taiwan) - Congressional Diplomacy (Touch projection wall #Integrate lidar touch input)
    - Well-known water purifier - Interactive Exhibition (Touch projection screen table)
    - National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium - Touch table interactive game (Integrated 65-inch touch screen/projection/fan-triggered interactive education game)
    - National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium - The Wall of ROV (Projection wall triggered by computer vision technology)

Tools 工具                   


Worked with one team to develop one 3D tower defense game and almost completed one incremental game (except music) independently.


I have used nodes to create some materials and basic interactive special effects.


I have basic knowledge of Modeling, IK, Rigging, Texturing, Animation,  and have built a  and have built a playing card tower and Mushroom Baby.d tower and Mushroom Baby.


A set of tools for self-learning because of my interest in modeling.
I made a Christmas lottery program for the Christmas party, and all the models in it were built by myself, including Mobo (strange creatures), mangers, wooden sheds, bonfires and distorted coniferous forests. See DazzleLotto for details.


I have sculpted goat skulls, human skulls, giant wooden snails, stones, dumplings and solid leather slugs with digitizer. See Artstation for details.

Adobe Photoshop

I have used digitizer to draw some special effects, game characters and monsters, as well as portrait retouching, compositing, product design (bag). Please refer to Artstation for details.

Adobe Illustrator

Designed logos, some pictures, and an introduction to the College of Business (NTUB).

Adobe After Effects

Use Typography to make MV and use Duik to make character puppet animation. Please look my channel for details.

Certificate 證照

  • Maya Certified Professional
  • TQC+ Illustrator CS6
  • ITE 遊戲概論
  • ITE 遊戲企劃
  • ITE 遊戲美術

Interest 興趣

  • Drumming
    Served as a drum education cadre of Hot Music Club in high school. I has accepted about 5 students in one-on-one courses, and has been a lecturer for five quarters in group classes (10-20 students) opened by social institutions. And teach students from 8 to 92 years old.
  • Volleyball & Table Tennis
    The university participates in the volleyball team, and I usually go to the volleyball court when I have time.
  • Coffee
    I like to drink black coffee and latte.
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