Yun Chian Liu

[email protected]|+886-932-855194

1F., No. 13, Alley. 7, Ln. 384, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., East Dist., Hsinchu City 30060


2016.09 - 2020.06 NATIONAL CHIAO TUNG UNIVERSITY,  Bachelor of Arts (GPA 3.98/4.0)          



English Tutoring

2018.08 - present, 2019.03 - 2021.05

  • Taught preschool phonics and daily conversation/ Taught eighth grade English 
  • Translated messages for parents to communicate with foreign teachers/ Took translation cases on traveling products (Taiwan Museum Pass) 

HGSH Intern English Teacher

2020.08 - 2021.01 

  • Designed courses with creative planning; made good use of apps/platforms to increase interaction
  • Promoted the Learning Autonomy course of the 108 New Curriculum with emotional appeal 
  • Conducted English PPT and communication skills

NCTUFL Graduation Performance

2019.08 - 2019.12

Challenged the shortest play without scene changing, attracted hundreds of favorable comments

  • Participated in subtitle translation, using Mandarin analogies to convey black humor in the lines
  • Directed the play: made decisions on atmosphere and way of presentation; analyzed characters to set up suitable outfits and furniture
  • Handled cross-functional communication: arranged rehearsal schedules under budget, and contacted teacher and team members; coordinated with each group to solve problems, such as light show, realistic vomiting plot, promotion style and materials 

Schweitzer Educational Program

2019.07 - 2019.07 

  • Launched three-week courses and activities for junior high school students; was in charge of  English/Home Economics courses; executed the final assessment by disguising it as an RPG game

NCTU Guitar Club

2017.09 - 2018.06

  • Managed the club's Facebook fan page. Achieved 630 followers within a month, with 103 average engagements and the club video reaching 7270 people
  • Created copywriting and photos for posts, communicated with the art group for post-production; targeted rush hours to interact with fans in the comments section

AIESEC Romania International Volunteer

2017.07 - 2017.08

  • Developed culture exchange projects for private primary school students, preschoolers and high school students in Craiova; arranged different content according to the audience's age
  • Communicated with school teachers and AIESEC members for mutual cooperation in activities; dealt with emergencies 


English        TOEIC 975/990 (2019), TOEIC Speaking 200/200 (2020), TOEIC Writing 180/200 (2020)

Computer   Canva, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, PowerDirector  

Hobbies      American TV series, Movies (Comedies), Social Media posts, Songwriting



        My name is Yun Chian Liu. I hold a bachelor's degree with a major in Foreign Language and Literature at NCTU. I’m a considerate, diligent and accountable person who takes care of both quality and efficiency in completing tasks. 

Related Translation Experiences 

        The courses in college provided me with translation skills of various themes and materials, including poems, news and advertisements. During the graduation performance, I participated in translating the subtitles for the play. To successfully convey black humor in the lines, we used analogies in Taiwan culture to let the audience relate to the plot. As for other times, I took translation cases from tutor jobs, and also helped my friends with email, cover letter, or essay translation. 

Empathy, Insights and Cultural Literacy

        Literature and films cultivate me with insights towards humanity and culture. Through textual and content analysis, I learned different ways of image display and storytelling. I found writing by imagining the camera movements in film or using metaphors creates a more vivid story, and conveying deep meaning through daily plots like comedies helps strike a chord with the audience. With the hobby of watching American TV series, I’m able to understand different English accents and American humor.

        Insights in humanity can be expressed in many ways. Words or images can capture the sensitivity of life, create collisions in different values and raise conversations. I hope to write words that respect others and tell stories that touch others’ hearts. 

Fun with Words and Creativity     

        I managed the Facebook fan page for the guitar club and did copywriting with creative twists on the Harry Potter theme, using puns and common college life as content. It’s encouraging to see fun interactions brought out through words online. I enjoyed brainstorming with the team, and experienced the happiness of carrying out ideas. 

Problem-Solving with Flexible Communication, Patience and Attention to Details

        I was in charge of the main directing work and led the acting team through schedules, while solving problems with different groups, such as going through a trial-and-error process with the prop team to achieve the realistic throw-up plot, and coordinating with the stage managing group to create the light show. The process was difficult with countless details, but I was still filled with excitement along the journey. It was so memorable to watch the show in the end with a group of workmates that had come all the way together.    

        In translation, I enjoy the interaction through words and the challenges of encountering tasks from different fields. A professional translator is a self-motivated learner who can handle specific knowledge in time, a considerate communicator who can understand clients’ needs, and a meticulous decision-maker who provides accurate judgment and verification. I hope to use what I’ve learned to its full potential, and become a flexible and reliable translator.    


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