Tang Cheih-Tse(Tang)

Team Leader

  Taichung City, Taiwan

Hi I am Tang. Many years for integration of manufacturing equipment. I’m involved with HMI design, control flow, QC tool, commissioning, client service, and so on. Experience in software and hardware circuit integration.


Develop skill

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Verilog


  • PID Control 
  • Motion control
  • FFT


  • 8051/STM32/NRF52
  • Linux
  • Xilinx vivado


2018/9 - 2021/8

Graduate from National Chung Husing University EE

  • The graduation thesis is a wireless bluetooth monitoring system applied to spindle monitoring, and has taken courses such as VLSI, Verilog, signal processing, etc.

2015/7 - Present

EDM RD Team leader


  • Working assignment
  • MCU,FPGA programming(C, Verilog)
  • Windows application dev and maintain(C,C++)

2013/6 - 2015/7

Software engineer


  • CNC controller maintain(Tool: RTX(windows real-time tool),C/C++

2007 - 2012


National Cheng Kung University

  • Graduated from Math department of National Cheng Kung University.

Job introduction

EDM(Electrical discharge machining)

A manufacturing process in which sparks are generated by electric discharge to make the workpiece into the desired shape. When two conductor voltage increase, until electric field is higher then deletric. At that time, deleteric will crash, and remove some conductor material. (Just like thunder)

  • Use C/C++ and Verilog to Dev and maintain.
  • Design PCB test sop for testing department to QC.
  • Be a communication medium between RD and BOSS.
  • Help for client problem service.

Project experience

ZNC EDM controller

Use 8051, FPGA design low cost machine controller, and it has been sold the world for more than 5 years.

Main job:

    • UART、ADC、FLASH、GPIO application.
    • Encoder feedback
    • Motion control/PID
    • Sparking PWM by FPGA
    • Tool: C/C++、Verilog

Side project

Research on Wireless Sensor Module Applied to Machine Tool Spindle Monitoring(thesis)

Use piezoelectric blocks ,hardware circuits and MCU convert cutting chatter signals to Bluetooth packet, receiver get packet and analysis by time domain and freq domain(FFT). Find the chatter characteristics in time domain and freq domain to prediction and prevention.


  • Bluetooth sw and fw integration
  • Receiver GNU dev
  • Spectrum display function (FFT)
  • Tool: github、C、C#

Basys3 mini game: Get the fly(FPGA project)


Basys3 has VGA output, USB ,button ,7 segment display and other hardware devices. Use verilog make a mini game: Get the fly . That is using mouse catch random black point in 30 seconds.Successful catching will get 1 point.


  • VGA output
  • GPIO control
  • PS2 and mouse moving detect
  • 7 segment display

Tool: verilog

Memory allocator discuss activity

Goal is find good memory allocater for rocket controller in linux. And formal verification discussion.My Job is use test,gcover,memory profile tool to build test process.Verification rocket controller sw and use gcover check  coverage.And discussing memory deterministic with team member.

Tool: Linux、github、makefile、C

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