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JobEspresso is a career change platform for high-level talent. As JobEspresso’s member, headhunters and HR can contact you directly, and help you find a better job faster!

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Get interview invitations from leading companies and top-notch headhunters

JobEspresso is a career change platform for high-level talent that allows HR and headhunters to reach you directly.

Understanding your market value is an important career topic.By communicating with companies and headhunters directly, you can know your value in the talent market and obtain non-public information on job openings and companies.

One-fifth of the job openings have an annual salary above NT$2M

JobEspresso selected high-paying jobs for high-level talents, including non-public ones.

Communicate directly with HR from selected companies

We selected top companies and fast-growing startups for you to gain first-hand information on jobs.

Professionally-chosen headhunters

Professional consultants can provide career transition insights and information about the talent market.

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Before joining JobEspresso, I spent quite some time applying for jobs and waiting for companies’ responses. Through JobEspresso, I received several interview invitations immediately, and successfully landed a job within a month.

Headhunters on JobEspresso are professional and efficient. I received several invitations from different headhunters right after I joined the platform, and received useful resume writing advice. In the end, I successfully joined my dream company with their help.

Different from the traditional way of job search, I can directly receive invitations from companies on JobEspresso, including many opportunities that I didn't know of. It is a new and efficient job search platform. I highly recommend it to people who are looking for mid- & high-level jobs!

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