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Cake Recruitment Service — Finding Exceptional Talent Made Simple

Our experienced team has a track record of assisting various companies, from Fortune 500 firms to startups and SMEs, in recruiting top-tier talent and building their dream teams. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including talent hunting, mass recruitment, temporary staffing, and payroll management, with a focus on sourcing mid to high-level talent across industries.

Our Clients

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Cake Connects Thousands of Companies With Talents Across the APAC Region

With our extensive network and industry knowledge, Cake specializes in connecting businesses across the Asia-Pacific region with the perfect talent fit. We understand the challenges of recruitment, and our team is committed to streamlining the hiring process and reducing time-to-hire for all our clients.
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Three Main Challenges Companies Face When Seeking Top Talents

Global talent shortage

Essentially, due to the big gap between talent demand and supply across all industries worldwide. Many companies, particularly in the tech industry, face recruitment challenges.

Competitive job market

With a limited talent pool, companies compete fiercely to recruit top-tier professionals. Offering attractive perks and growth opportunities is key to standing out.

Shifts in Job Seeker Expectations

In today's dynamic job market, companies struggle to swiftly grasp and accommodate talent preferences, making it a challenge to accurately match talent-to-position.

Our Solutions

Talent Hunting

Our comprehensive talent-hunting services cover mid-to-high-level talent scouting, talent marketplace analysis, and online recruitment, ensuring that we find the best talent for your business's needs.

Mass Recruitment

We provide end-to-end support for mass recruitment, including advertising job openings, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, and making final hires, ensuring an efficient process that brings in high-quality candidates tailored to your needs.

Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing solutions help businesses meet short-term or seasonal staffing needs, ensuring smooth operations during busy periods.

Employer of Record (EoR) & Payroll Management

We handle all aspects of managing employee salaries, taxes, and benefits, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.

Why Us

Cutting-edge Technology and Data-Driven Approach

Our team leverages artificial intelligence technology to swiftly identify potential candidates that meet your business's needs.

Extensive International Network & Talent Pool

With a talent pool exceeding 7 million individuals, we excel at finding and pairing talents from any industry with your business needs.

Guaranteed Replacement for Candidates

We offer a guarantee that ensures a replacement if a candidate leaves or fails to meet expectations.

Talent-Hunting for Any Industries & Any Functions

Cake provides recruitment services spanning various industries and functions, from IT to finance, healthcare, and logistics.

Brand Awareness Established During Recruitment

As part of the recruitment process, our team assists companies in increasing brand awareness through innovative strategies and approaches during the recruitment process.

How Does Cake Recruitment Service Work?

Step 1
Receive an online application from a client.
Step 2
Identify the client’s hiring needs.
Step 3
Start sourcing and interviewing candidates.
Step 4
Recommend suitable candidates to the client.
Step 5
Assist the client in arranging interviews.
Successfully find the right talent!
Pay only after a successful match.

Common FAQs

What makes Cake's recruitment service different?

The recruitment team at Cake consists of seasoned consultants and industry experts. Leveraging our extensive international talent pool and vast network, we boost matching rates and efficiently source talent tailored to your requirements. Additionally, we utilize AI/Marketing technology to swiftly identify potential candidates, significantly reducing time-to-hire.

Is it true that I will only be charged if a successful match is made?

Yes. We will only charge upon successful match.

How can Cake help me find the right candidates?

Once you submit your recruitment requirements to us, our team initiates a search for potential candidates within our network. We conduct interviews with each candidate to assess their suitability for the job opening. If suitable candidates are identified, we promptly recommend them to you. Throughout the process, we coordinate multiple tests, interviews, and reference checks to ensure candidates align with your requirements. Upon reaching the offer stage, we aid in negotiating a salary that satisfies both parties. Our team remains engaged post-recruitment to monitor the candidate's performance, facilitating a seamless onboarding process.

Is there any guarantee in the probation period?

Yes. If a candidate leaves within the guarantee period, we assist in replacing the candidate within a specified timeframe and provide relevant compensation. Details will be outlined in the service contract.

Success Stories

Assisted a Well-known Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer in Establishing a New Technical Team in Taiwan.
Amid the customer's urgent recruitment timeline, our team efficiently aided the manufacturer in establishing the team within one quarter. Our success stems from swiftly understanding customer needs and potential recruitment challenges. We conducted thorough research and screened over 80 candidates, focusing on professionals with over 8 years of R&D experience, strong English skills, and exceptional cross-border communication abilities. This accomplishment underscores our ability to promptly locate top-tier talent for time-sensitive projects, ensuring smooth implementation aligned with the client's plan.
Successfully Building a Digital Transformation Team for a Leading Retail Group
In response to the digital transformation wave, a renowned retail group restructured its resources to assemble a new team for its next growth phase. Their strategy included two key hiring approaches: (1) Establishing a data-focused team to enhance operations and develop new customer services. (2) Recruiting experienced professionals for leadership positions to improve business efficiency. Cake's talent acquisition team was crucial in finding members for the data-focused team, such as technical directors and engineers. We successfully recruited three highly experienced technical directors with expertise in data and online commerce, achieving the first goal of the recruitment plan. Additionally, we conducted a thorough talent analysis using organizational planning and functional requirements frameworks. This helped define where to search for talent and how to recruit them effectively. After three rounds of screening, the team hired two high-level managers, boosting the group's digital transformation and business improvement efforts.
From A to Z: Online Banking Company Overhauls Customer Service Team
An online banking company recently faced a challenge when the supervisor of its customer service team resigned. Seeking to enhance team performance, the company turned to Cake, a financial industry recruitment expert. Within six weeks, Cake facilitated the hiring of an experienced executive to fill the role. The new supervisor swiftly initiated a two-phase restructuring plan. In the initial phase, Cake assisted in recruiting six skilled customer service agents to address staff turnover. Subsequently, the supervisor trained them to enhance team efficiency. The second phase involved hiring temporary staff to address expansion and staffing needs. This suggestion by Cake proved successful, with several temporary staff eventually securing full-time positions. Overall, the company successfully onboarded nine temporary staff members. Cake's team provides recruitment support to help clients establish adequate compensation and management systems for temporary staff, enhancing organizational flexibility.

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