2024 Latest Resume Templates

Select one of the 10+ professionally designed resume templates below, add your experience & skills, and customize the layout. With the best resume format tailored to be ATS-compliant, you can create a job-winning resume effortlessly! Download your final resume PDF for free or share it online with links.


A must-have choice for job seekers who seek clean, conciseness, and professionalism. The template layout makes the information easy to read at a glance, leaving a strong impression on recruiters.


The template is ideal for experienced job seekers. With ample space, job seekers can showcase their skills and professionalism to stand out in a competitive job market.


A simple yet professional resume template that highlights personal achievement and relevant qualifications for more efficient and effective job hunting.


Basic resume template. Perfectly demonstrate personal strengths. Suitable for both experienced job seekers and freshers.


Traditional resume template. Showcase professionalism and organized personality. Suitable for job applications in the banking and finance sectors.


Innovative resume template. Utilize colors and images to highlight creative thinking and innovation skills. Artists and creative workers’ top choice.


Contemporary resume templates. Make use of comfortable color palettes and easy-to-read layouts to catch HR/recruiters’ attention.


Clean resume template. Omit unnecessary clutter and decorations. Display professionalism with a clean and straightforward format.


Visual resume template. Use infographics, colors, and visual elements to show vibrancy and elegance at the same time.


Cool resume template. Show one-of-a-kind personality traits by adopting bold color combinations and multimedia elements like video and hyperlinks.


Simple resume template. Clear format and straightforward design to present important information. Internationally applicable.


Professional resume template. Focus on work experience and achievements. Emphasize skills and knowledge learned from previous jobs.


Student resume template. Concentrate on academic accomplishments and extracurricular involvement. Suited to high school & college students.


Resume template for freshers. Utilize appealing elements such as Skills, Projects, and Portfolios to highlight freshers’ strengths and value.


Perfect resume template. No redundant elements or design. Easy to create readable and attractive resumes for job applications.


The template is designed to highlight job seekers' achievements and credentials in a straightforward and succinct way, making it ideal for seasoned professionals who looking for a professional yet eye-catching template.


Clean and well-structured template with clear visuals are designed for job seekers to showcase their skills and projects efficiently.


An innovative and avant-garde resume template that features visual elements, unique color schemes, and unconventional typography styles. This resume is ideal for those creative professionals to showcase their skills.

Why CakeResume?

Simple yet Professional Resume Templates

CakeResume’s templates are specially designed for ATS optimization purposes. Each resume layout and format is proven to be ATS friendly & compliant and has helped numerous job seekers, both junior & senior ones, build job-winning resumes.

Our resume editor supports various multimedia elements, including texts, images, videos, slides, hyperlinks, and etc. This feature empowers users to create professional and engaging resumes, which capture viewer's attention quickly.

Friendly and Easy to Use Resume Builder

CakeResume’s editor is famous for its clear and comprehensible user interface. To add, remove, or reorder any resume section, simply “grab”, “drag”, and “drop” it freely.

For those who are making a resume for the first job, there are more than 50 ready-made resume-template snippets to help you build a professional and one-of-a-kind resume.

Effective and Powerful Resume Formatting

With the drag-and-drop feature, it is effortless to create a creative and unique resume with CakeResume maker. Besides that, the resume creator also supports advanced formatting, such as line height & spacing, image editing, color adjustment, and etc.

It is proven that a personalized resume had a much higher chance of being noticed, which leads to a better chance of landing the dream job. With the latest resume format, it would be quick and easy to improve the visual impact and readability of your resume.

FAQs about Resume Templates

Should I Use a Resume Template?

Resume templates can help freshers and job seekers build their first resumes more efficiently. By using a resume template, there is no need to worry about which resume sections to include or how to format a resume.

However, there are a few common mistakes made while adopting a resume template, like using over-decorated templates, following the template completely, not tailoring the resume, and etc.
By selecting a suitable template and avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, resume templates can be a great help for those with urgent employment needs.

Note that adopting resume templates is not recommended while applying for a job that requires creativity and innovation, like designers, artists, marketers, and etc.

What Is the Best Template for a Resume?

Since resumes can be used under diverse circumstances, it is not practical to conclude which resume template is the best. For instance, a simple and clear resume template is appropriate for college applications, while when it comes to professionals in the design or art field, a well-designed and creative resume can be a plus.

Apart from the different purposes of application (for school or for work), job seekers can also utilize resume templates for various seniority levels of jobs.
For instance, resume templates for executive-level jobs focus clearly on presenting the candidate’s experience and accomplishments; while for entry-level jobs, skills and educational qualifications would be the highlight in the resume template.

On the whole, a good resume template should at least meet one criterion — being ATS-friendly.
Like it is mentioned in Step-by-step Resume Building Guide, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is adopted by most of the big companies during the hiring process. Do make sure to choose a resume template with proper headings and layout optimization. Infographics like tables, charts, and bar graphs are not recommended.

Are These Resume Templates Free to Use?

It is 100% free for registered users to create & download resumes on CakeResume.

For “Basic Plan” users (free accounts), we provide more than 30 resume-template snippets for you to create and download an attractive resume PDF freely. Do note that free users can only own 1 resume at a time.

For those who would like to create more than 1 resume tailored to each job application, or acquire more advanced resume templates & features, upgrading the account is available as a choice, and only then payment would be required.

How to Create a Resume on CakeResume?

For those who haven’t registered for CakeResume, simply hit the “Register” button on the top right.
After putting in basic information like your name, email address, and password, hit “Create My Resume”, and follow the steps below to build a successful resume:

  1. Select the right resume template.
  2. Complete the personal profile.
  3. Tailor your resume to the job.
  4. Download the resume PDF.

For those who’ve already had an account, simply go to “My Resumes” and click on “Make a resume from scratch”.

How to Write a Job-Winning Resume?

To make a resume that helps you stand out and win the job search competition, do take note of 10 key resume sections & 5 resume writing tips below.

5 Must-Have Resume Sections:
5 Optional Resume Sections:
Top 5 Resume Writing Tips:
  1. Pick the right resume format to showcase your value and qualifications.
  2. Demonstrate your experience and accomplishments in a quantifiable & measurable way.
  3. Include links to your online portfolio, personal website, or professional LinkedIn profile in your resume.
  4. Keep the resume layout clean, consistent, and readable by utilizing headings, bold text, and bullet points.
  5. Customize your resume for each job application by highlighting your relevant skills listed in the job description.