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Resume Formats

What Are the Types of Resume Formats?

 ◆ Chronological resume format :

It is the most frequently used resume format. In a chronological resume format, everything is listed in reverse chronological order, meaning that the latest experiences & accomplishments first.

 ◆ Functional resume format :

It is a skill-based resume format that focuses on emphasizing the skills of the applicant. In a functional resume format, qualifications and accomplishments would be the highlight instead of employment period or work history.

 ◆ Hybrid/Combination resume format :

It is the hybrid version of chronological and functional resume formats. A hybrid resume format highlights relevant skills while documenting work history. It lists skills and experience first, while employment history would be listed in reverse chronological order.

 ◆ Targeted resume format :

It is featured as a highly-customized resume, especially for a specific company or job. Compared to making a generic resume, building a targeted one takes more effort on tailoring it to make you the BEST fit for a particular opening. In spite of the extra time and effort it takes, you can always expect a better result from it.

What Is the Best Format for a Resume?

Since resumes can be utilized in many different scenarios, it is not practical to say which resume format is the best. For instance, the functional resume format can be favorable for people who are with gaps in their work histories and trying to return to the workplace (e.g. stay-at-home moms, people who took a work hiatus to go back to school, and etc.). The format focuses on the applicant’s accomplishments and qualifications, which takes employers' attention away from the employment gaps. However, a functional resume format is not recommended for general job seekers.

Also, some of the resume formats mentioned above can be combined and made the most of. For example, experience or items on resumes can always be listed in reverse chronological order, that’s why chronological resume format is the most common resume format.

On the whole, if you are making a career change, and you have already had an eye on few particular job openings, the targeted resume format is highly recommended to you. While, if you are a fresh graduate currently enters the workforce, perplexed about your career, and urgent to find a job, it is suggested to adopt the hybrid resume format. It can properly highlight your value as well as be sent out to a number of companies.

Resume Templates

Should I Use a Resume Template?

Resume templates can help freshers and job seekers build their first resumes more efficiently. By using a resume template, there is no need to worry about which resume sections to include or how to format a resume. However, there are a few common mistakes made while adopting a resume template, like using over-decorated templates, following the template completely, not tailoring the resume, and etc.

By selecting a suitable template and avoiding these mistakes mentioned above, resume templates can be a great help for those with urgent employment needs. Note that adopting resume templates is not recommended while applying for a job that requires creativity, like designers, artists, marketers, and etc.

What Is the Best Template for a Resume?

Since resumes can be used under diverse circumstances, it is not practical to say which resume template is the best. For instance, a simple and clear resume template is appropriate for college applications, while when it comes to professions in the design or art field, a well-designed and creative resume can be a plus.

Apart from the different purposes of application (for school or for work), job seekers can also utilize resume templates for various seniority levels of jobs. For instance, resume templates for executive-level jobs focus on clearly presenting the candidates’ seniority and accomplishments;while for entry-level jobs, skills and relevant experience would be the highlight in the resume template.

On the whole, a good resume template should at least meet one criteria — ATS friendly. Like it is mentioned in Step-by-step Resume Building Guide, ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is adopted by most of the big companies during the hiring process. Do make sure to choose a resume template with heading and layout optimization (Note: Tables and charts are not ATS friendly).

How to Create a Resume Template/Format on My Own?

Making your own resume can be a good way to showcase your design techniques and to distinguish yourself from other candidates. There are 2 ways to start creating an unique resume template from scratch on your own.

Microsoft Word

  1. Refer to a number of resume templates and collect your favorite components, including layout, sections and formats.
  2. Make sure to include essential sections like “Contact Info.”, “Experience” and “Qualifications”.
  3. Optimize headings (H1, H2, H3 tags) to build a more ATS-friendly resume.
  4. Utilize bullet points and bold text to make it easy to read.
  5. Check if the font size is reader-friendly, and if the layout is consistent.

Best Font for Resumes

When it comes to the font for resumes, the most important factor is legibility.

Here are 6 easy-to-read fonts recommended to you:
 ✔ Times New Roman
 ✔ Helvetica
 ✔ Cambria
 ✔ Georgia
 ✔ Calibri
 ✔ Arial

The best font size for resumes is between 10 to 16 points. 12 points font is ideal for general contents, while headings, names, and titles can be emphasized with larger fonts. If you would like to fit more content into one page, please note that the font should not go lower than 10 points.

Online Resume Builder

If using Microsoft Word for designing is not your strong suit, online resume builder can be another good choice to create your own resume template. Some of the online resume makers provide various resume templates with different formats, layouts and styles. You can add, remove and edit sections/items freely to build a professional resume.

Free Online Resume Builder - CakeResume

If you would like to build a more customized resume format by online resume maker, CakeResume provides rich choices of resume template-snippets segmented by sections. By dragging and dropping resume template-snippets, building a resume template/format on your own is just like a piece of cake 🍰

Free Resume Templates & Formats (downloadable PDF)

Chronological resume

chronological resume template
Created with CakeResume

Functional resume

functional resume example
Created with CakeResume

Hybrid / Combination resume

combanational resume
Created with CakeResume

After choosing an awesome resume format, the next big step is to write a professional resume! If you're having difficulty in generating quality contents for your resume, feel free to refer to the Ultimate Resume Writing Guide and land your dream job with ease 🎉 

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