How JobEspresso Works

After passing JobEspresso’s technical screening, we will recommend you to Taiwan’s best tech companies so that you can skip to the final stage of the interview.

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0.Apply for JobEspresso’s talent certification

After your application, we will prepare a suitable technical screening (around 1 ~ 2 hours). Upon passing it, you become a certified JobEspresso talent. We will assist you until you find the right position.
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1.Your anonymous screening report is available to companies at JobEspresso

After getting certified, we will provide your screening report to hiring parties. Reports are anonymous so that companies can focus on your technical skills and work experiences (Only with your consent, we will then disclose your full information to the company).
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2.Invitation to the final round interview

Interested companies can request for an onsite interview. Since you’ve been certified, companies do a 30-minute phone screening to get to know each other, followed by an onsite interview.
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3.Find the dream job

Engineers who go through JobEspresso receive an average salary of 1.5M NTD. Companies have an average satisfaction score of 8.9 (out of 10).
JobEspresso’s talent certification is currently only open for engineers with more than two years of industrial experience. We will be rolling it out for applicants from other fields and those with no work experience in the future.