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Job Description

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The product development of 17LIVE is currently based in Taiwan, but is looking for new members to recruit for its Japan’s development team in preparation for further business growth. This position will mainly participate in the development of the app’s online event page.

■More About the Position

・Development of the 17LIVE app’s online event page.

・Development and maintenance of the systems for event generation/event management, etc.

・Coordination with event planners in the Japan office and designers in the Taiwan office

・Technical support for offline events

・Monitoring work of relevant events (late night work may occur once a month)

■ 17LIVE Online Events

Event Team takes the role of further empowering steamers with their live streaming and of delivering a new form of enjoyment with use of live-streaming technologies.

17LIVE app presents impactful online events to all users – streamers and audience alike – and reaches as far as the community.

The Team also takes up development work that supports face-to-face events periodically hosted for streamers to gather and enjoy streaming from an extravagant venue.

Some events are initiated by event planners, while some arise from technological or playful viewpoints. This engineer position offers “tech+α” opportunities to also explore event planning and project management that includes but is not limited to event conceptualization, development, and implementation.

■ Company Overview

Under the mission ”To empower human connections through live technology”, 17LIVE Inc. currently operates with 6 offices around the globe. The app “17LIVE” have attracted over 50 million users so far to become Japan’s number one live streaming app. 17LIVE (pronounced as one seven live) aims to create a world where users can enjoy every moment of their lives on the seven continents under one sky. The 4-year-old start-up now with 206 and more employees has gained the top market share in the industry as it continues to grow rapidly.17LIVE offers unique opportunities where you can work to enhance your future career prospects, while helping the company improve its service as well as create and establish new markets in Japan.

■Work hours

10:00 to 19:00


・2 days off a week (Saturday and Sunday)

・Japanese National Holidays

・Summer Holidays

・Dec-Jan New Year Holidays

・Paid holidays

・Anniversary Holiday

・Refreshment Holiday


・Social insurances

・Commuting allowance (up to 30,000JPY per month)

・MacBook work computer

・Refreshment Holiday

・Healthy, promotion of employees health

■Selection Process

・All applicants will be contacted within 2-3 business days after required documents are submitted.

・Interviews at two or three levels

・Job offer

※From the job offer to Day 1 at work takes two weeks at the fastest.

※The aforementioned benefits are subject to change.


■Required Experiences/ Qualifications

【Required skills and experience】

・At least 5 years of experience in web front-end development.

Specifically, candidates should have the following experience;

・Development and operation with JavaScript or TypeScript, CSS and HTML;

・Understanding of and experience in operating products implemented with Ajax and JSON;

・Development with React;

・Service in a team environment, with strong communication skills

・Business level of English or Chinese

・Daily conversation level of Japanese

【Preferred skills and experience】

・Experience in web integration

・Experience in Node.js based application development

・Experience with version control systems such as Git

・Experience in the server side development

・Knowledge and hands-on work experience in UX/UI design

・Knowledge and experience related to database (RDBMS/NoSQL)

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5,500,000+ JPY / year
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Logo of 17LIVE.

About us

17LIVE是個打破傳統、創造歷史,顛覆過往的共享直播串流社群娛樂平台!2015年我們從台灣出發,在互聯網狂潮下,17LIVE以即時互動,直播串流,AI、Machine Learning等技術,融合娛樂、遊戲、社群等多種商業模式於一身,站在巨大的歷史變動中,提供最佳體驗、流暢不中斷的個人頻道,顛覆傳統媒介,開創屬於自己的娛樂世界,讓所有人自由擁有對外發聲,找到同好,取得娛樂!現在我們已將業務和團隊擴展到全球,進駐到香港,日本,美國,中東,中國,印度,東南亞。並在全世界超過5,000萬個用戶,每日有上萬個小時的直播內容從17LIVE平台向全球傳播。

17LIVE 集團目前全球已有800 位以上的員工,身為一家跨國經營公司,我們的人才來自於世界各地,擁有各種不同的經歷與背景,一同乘上造夢的船,朝著相同方向努力邁進!隨著時代發展,我們串連電商購物、娛樂經紀、音訊直播等服務,發展出集團內其他子公司Wave音浪、OrderPally 全方位社群直播電商系統、HandsUP舉手購物,串連上下左右,以全方位服務社會。



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