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Frontend Developer

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Job Description

Are you enthusiastic about transforming innovative ideas into actual products which will provide fun, creative experiences for millions of people around the world? Then come and join our team!

PicCollage 新產品團隊尋找 Frontend Developers!讓創意及有趣的點子具體化成一個個個的新產品,抓住下一個可能破億下載的機會!從 0 到 1 的過程肯定是辛苦的,但是每一小步都是往前的力量,但如果你是喜愛探索、打造的人,請務必讓我們認識你!

Please note that only applications through the link will be considered

What you will do: 

  • Build MVPs quickly - We are people who love to build. We build new, innovative web-based products and shape ideas into reality. It’s a big plus if you have built your own projects, even small or basic ones.
  • Work with product people closely - Work in a collaborative environment with other cross-functional teams, including Product Design, Product Management, and Engineering.


Tech Requirements:

  • Solid software engineering skills, proficient in HTML, CSS, and any JavaScript frameworks; understand the fundamentals of JS.
  • Not overly reliant on any particular frontend frameworks, but able to evaluate and select different tech for the best solution.
  • Building highly interactive applications. Web development experience with complex UI/UX and sophisticated functions in photo/video/gaming-related fields.
  • Have a good sense of UI/UX - Have built some web applications with good UI/UX, and have worked closely with designers on iterative designs. Passionate about building and learning complex UI/UX development.

    Tech Stack:​​​​​​​

    • JavaScript, TypeScript, React, RXjS
    • Node.js, npm, webpack, Jest, Firebase, HTML, CSS/Sass

    Good to have experience:

    • Web-based graphics (svg or canvas)
    • Functional programming

    Development Process 開發流程:

    The new product group (we call"Explore") works in small teams to deliver MVPs in two-week cycles. Developers frequently pair program. All developers participate in code review. We use Gitflow to manage changes. We emphasize testing on critical sections of code but do not require TDD.

      If you believe you fit the bill above, and are eager to start a new journey of being part of a fun and creative startup team, hesitate no more and join us!

      Interview process

      There are three main stages in our interview process:

      1. Screen calls (1-2 calls)
      2. Take-home quiz & review
      3. Onsite interview (3-4 hours visiting)

      If we see a fit with the company, we will reach out to start getting to know each other. You can expect traditional discussions as well as participating situational exercises. The goal of the interview process will be for us to see your skills and let you get to know the team and work culture to see if we are a match.

      Please note that only applications through the link will be considered

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      2 years of experience required
      1,000,000 ~ 1,800,000 TWD / year
      Optional Remote Work
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      About us

      嗨!我們是來自矽谷的新創團隊 PicCollage Company,我們團隊鼓勵自由創造,擁抱差異與多元文化,打造『開放、學習、分享』的工作環境。產品開發近期以『Creative AI』為主軸,打造使用者能輕鬆發揮創意的各項影像編輯產品。

      『Creative AI』 是創意 AI 的展現和延續

      透過 Generative AI 和 ML 技術的研究,開發出具創意的 AI 並導入產品功能。Creative AI 不僅展現在我們挑選的技術領域,還有主打的產品開發類別,讓使用者在操作 app 的過程中展現更多創意!

      主要產品『PicCollage 拼貼趣』是一個追求自由創造及分享的影像拼貼 app,主要使用者來自美國、英國及日本等國家。目前全球下載量已突破 2.6 億,每個月 1500 萬穩定用戶量,並穩定增長中。

      另外,新產品團隊 Explore 持續開發新 app 產品,像是挑選片段就能產出的對拍影片 (OnBeat)、或是一張頭像就能生成你的專屬迷因 (MemeMe)、同時線上多組討論視訊軟體 (MixerChat) 等。再戰創意領域 app 的下一個產品里程碑!


      • Always be Learning - 除了發放學習補助金之外,我們也會特別安排時間讓團隊學習不同事物,可以正面的回饋在個人發展及團隊目標!
        • Workshop Day ➤
        • 定期舉辦的 PicCollage 黑客松 : InnoFest ➤
      • Live Well, Work Well - 提供彈性的休假制度及工作模式,讓成員可以更好的安排生活,並在工作上有最傑出的表現!
        • Life at PicCollage ➤
      • Win as Team - 重視每位成員表達意見及想法的機會,不論來自哪個部門,都可以為團隊目標盡一份心力!

      期待遇見更多 #builders #dreamers #thinkers 來激盪創意,加入 PicCollage Company 和我們一起做出好玩、富有創意的軟體產品到全世界🌎

      我們提供部分遠端工作:彈性工作地點 (需配合台灣時區參與會議)


      • Our Office ➤
      • Our Products ➤
      • Tech Blog ➤
      • 成員分享:團隊文化 ➤

      想更認識 PicCollage 團隊和職缺嗎? 來參加每個月舉辦的 Online Info Session 線上招募同樂會,你能更了解招募中的職缺、並與成員互動 QA唷。現在就報名登記:


      250 ~ 280 TWD / hour

      Mid-Senior level
      1.6M ~ 2.4M TWD / year

      Mid-Senior level
      1M ~ 1.7M TWD / year