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Job Description

About Us

AmazingTalker is a platform that empower individuals to acquire any knowledge with online tutors. Since 2016 we have grown rapidly, amassing over 1.1 million users and 7000 online teachers across the globe. In 2020, we were recognized by parenting.com.tw as one of the top Edu-tech startups. Founded in Taiwan, we now have a strong footprint in Hong Kong, United States, South Korea, France, Spain, etc. We are ambitious to expand our business to every part of the world with the goal of becoming an Edu-tech unicorn. If you want to know more about AmazingTalker's corporate culture and our team members, feel free visit our website at https://bit.ly/atculture-en

Join us if you would like to be in an exciting, challenging and high-growth environment! We promise you:

  • Cross-Territories Opportunities: Gain exposure and long term development in different countries
  • Customised Job Attachment Plan: Secure the most suitable and relevant learning opportunities
  • Periodical Performance Evaluation: Get frequent evaluations and review from teammates for high personal growth

Our Cross-Functional Trainee program is an entry-level role with a huge potential for career advancements! We are searching for a highly-motivated team player who is ready to take on challenges. It doesn't matter what academic background you have, we believe it’s your learning agility, curiosity and potential to lead that matters. Visit https://blog.amazingtalker.com... to learn more about us and our corporate culture.


  • Working Visa for Taiwan Working Visa can be offered for successful applicants from all countries

About the Team

Our vision is to become the world's leader in online education with the aim to make learning more accessible to people around the globe. To do that, we focus on having scalable but localised strategies to improve our users' experience, quality of teachers and brand awareness. As a Cross-Functional Trainee, you will have the chance to get on-the-job training and in-house training.

About the Role

As an " Cross-Functional Trainee", you will have opportunities to participate in the growth of our global market. You will be given the chance to work on research and development of the features on the platform, formulating business development strategies of targeted markets, and being involved in researching and implementing recruitment strategies in new markets. Your experience will not be limited to a single department. You will be constantly working on practical problems in our daily operations and see your efforts come to fruition. You will be equipped with a variety of skillsets and in the process, discover your own strengths and interests.

You are a suitable candidate if you possess the following characteristics:

  • When you face complicated and abstract problems, you are able to break them down into small parts and solve them in a systematic way
  • You are good at communicating with new people and is great at expressing yourself
  • You find fulfillment in helping others solve their problems
  • You are a creative problem-solver and always find different methods and approaches to problem-solving, not limiting yourself to what you already know
★Apply Method: https://bit.ly/30YO0bo

Your Journey at AmazingTalker

In the first month, you will…

  • Understand our company’s visions and future direction, participate in setting the team’s and your personal goal
  • Understand past and existing strategies and iteration for teachers
  • Understand the new market that you will be responsible for
  • Research, formulate and execute strategies to succeed in achieving indicators for the market you are responsible for

In the third month, you will…

  • Make hypotheses based on your own observations from data and feedback of users
  • Create experiments quickly to verify your hypotheses bearing in mind the idea of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Adjust your current strategies and plan for the future such that they are scalable across markets
  • Determine, analyze and optimize your success indicators based on your results and improve your macro and micro goals
  • Manage the priorities of different projects you work on with the focus on creating value, and achieving your goals

Within 6 months, you will…

  • Be able to be in charged of a project for the department alone and build your team to achieve your goals
  • Create a structured system to deal with similar situations
  • Be responsible for the results of yourself and your team

Company benefit

Holiday benefits

  • Two days off every week
  • Enjoy 15 days of annual leave every year, one more day will be added every year in the future. No make-up day for national holidays.
  • 1 day of menstrual leave per month for female colleagues
  • Flexible working time

Leisure benefits

  • Gym facilities can be used anytime
  • Boxing and yoga classes every week
  • Unlimited supply of biscuit, instant noodles, and drinks
  • Many standing desk, sofas, and bean bag chairs for relaxing at any time
  • Free dinner on Monday to Friday
  • Annual company trip


  • One minute walk from 捷運『新北產業園區站』
  • In countries or regions other than Taiwan, you can work in the Hong Kong office or remotely


  • Subsidy for AmazingTalker’s online courses


  • Monthly salary of NT$ 50,000 - NT$ 100,000(adjust according to past experience)
  • 14 months salary
  • NT$ 700,000 - 1,400,000 (Annual salary)
  • Stock option
★Apply Method: https://bit.ly/30YO0bo


We're looking for:

  • Recent university graduates from any discipline with no more than 5 years of working experience.
  • You can prove your strong ability to learn quickly through your experience and examples
  • You must be eager to grow your career in a fast-growing start-up
  • You should have a strong motivation for growth and a strong desire to bring value and influence to your team
  • You should be independent and can discover new knowledge in an unknown environment and find the right direction to continuously improve
  • You should be a leader who can work independently in a rapidly changing environment and can work closely with multiple teams
  • You should have good time management, can multitask, and have the ability to prioritize your own work
  • You should be very adaptable and can adjust quickly to new knowledge, environment, people, and strategies
  • You must dare to jump out of your comfort zone to learn across fields, and not be afraid to face failure, and can manage that quickly


    • Excellent  English writing and communication abilities
    • You must be proficient in English.
    • Remark:Taiwan Working Visa can be offered for successful applicants from Hong Kong and any other countries.

    ★Apply Method: https://bit.ly/30YO0bo

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    About us

    AmazingTalker 致力建立一個全方位的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到最適合自己的家教,以不斷提昇線上教師收入為使命。自 2016 年 12 月創辦以來,在 60 多個國家和地區,累積超過 110 萬註冊用戶、起過 7000 位線上家教。2020 年入選「親子天下」的【教育新創20+】,2021 年入選【AAMA台北搖籃計劃】。我們目標是成為台灣教育新創界第一間「獨角獸」,讓世界看見台灣。

    『人才,是 AmazingTalker 最重要的資產。』—這是我們核心的文化,我們相信凝聚一群對的人,是成就非凡的關鍵
    在AmazingTalker的每一天步調宇宙無敵快,每個人都為更快速成長,不斷尋找並實現更多可能性。我們設立明確且遠大的目標,由目標驅動公司大大小小的決定,明確讓我們不容易迷失,遠大符合我們樂於挑戰的特性。同事們被賦予高度主導權 (決策權、各種資源調度),培養獨立思考、解決問題能力,並且能為自由負責任。


    👉🏻   http://bit.ly/atculturetw


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