React/Node 全端工程師 (Full Stack Developer)

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Job Description

職責 | Responsibilities

身為 BLD Energy 的全端工程師,您將不僅僅專注於解決軟體開發問題。您將主導 BLD Energy 的軟體開發工作,帶領軟體開發團隊設計、架構電力交易的應用程式,用以配對 BLD Energy 的家用電流監控 IoT 設備

As a full-stack engineer at BLD Energy, you will not simply be focused on solving engineering problems. Instead, you will be leading the software engineering effort at BLD Energy to design and architect power trading applications that complement BLD Energy's home energy IoT device

  • 學習、理解虛擬電廠及需量反應的原理

Learn and understand the workings of virtual power plants and demand response

  • 帶領 BLD Energy 上下團隊執行軟體開發工作

Lead the engineering effort at BLD Energy

  • 設計、架構 BLD Energy 的電力交易應用程式

Architect and design BLD Energy’s power trading application

  • 透過電力數據視覺化讓用戶了解自身用電習慣及需量反應機會

Help users understand their power consumption habits and demand response offers through rich real-time data visualizations

  • 充分瞭解 BLD Energy 產品及服務項目,並正確識別用戶需求以提高用戶參與度

Retain a good understanding of BLD Energy’s products and services and identify user needs to enhance user engagement

  • 撰寫高品質、乾淨且可維護的編程

Write high-quality, clean, and maintainable code

  • 從集思廣益到維護升級,參與整個軟體開發的生命週期

Participate in the full development life cycle from brainstorming to operations and maintenance


必要條件 | Minimum Qualifications

  • 電腦科學學士學位或相關工作經驗

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent work experience

  • 精通 JavaScript, HTML, 及 CSS

Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • 精通 React

Knowledge of React

  • 精通 Node.js

Knowledge of Node.js

  • 熟悉 Git

Familiar with Git

  • 優秀的溝通能力,且熱衷於解決棘手的技術問題

Excellent communication skills with a passion for solving tough technical problems

加分條件 | Preferred Qualifications

  • React Native 開發經驗

Experience with React Native development

  • PostgreSQL 開發經驗

Experience with PostgreSQL

  • 熟悉任一公有雲端架構 (例如: AWS, GCP 或 Azure)

Familiar with any public cloud architecture, including AWS, GCP, or Azure

  • 擁有容器化經驗

Experience with containerization

  • 精通英文者優先考慮

Fluency in English preferred

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