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此職務專案管理師與BMG快速發展的企業創新服務的客戶進行整合。 這個角色將技術工程管理、溝通協調和專案管理的工作結合起來。 技術專案管理與內部以及客戶團隊合作評估業務風險,指導技術整合流程,協助解決技術問題,幫助管理和優先考慮技術問題和資源。 
The Project Manager leads integration efforts with customers of BMG's rapidly growing enterprise innovation based services. This challenging role combines the jobs of a technical engineering lead, communicator, and project manager. Technical Project Managers work with both internal and customer teams to assess business risks, guide the technical integrations process, assist with technical problem solving, and help manage and prioritize technical issues and resources. 
This is a hands-on customer-facing role with technical knowledges in HTML, CSS, Javascript and web services is a plus. Be prepared to dive into a product that leverages cloud computing, machine learning, query language modeling and other interesting tool sets to deliver to our customers!

1. Manage project timelines, tasks, and development efforts with both the internal engineering team and customer teams
2. Help identify, troubleshoot, and address technical risks and issues with web service integrations, from back-end performance to web front-end UI issues
3. Identify and effectively communicate project requirements with a diverse group of roles within our customers’ organizations, to keep customers on plan and on schedule
4. Improve internal processes and systems for more efficient customer interactions
5. Develop repeatable and scalable processes to improve project quality


【條件】 1.信息系統/計算機科學/資工/資管 學士學位,或同等學歷為佳 2.以細節為導向,具有很強的技術解決和調試技巧 3.具2年的Web開發經驗(Java,PHP,Python或Ruby), 體驗HTML,JavaScript,CSS為佳 4.具有專案管理或客戶管理經驗,具有較強的組織和溝通能力 5.以銷售為導向,以客戶為中心的思維和強大的人際關係技巧,包括與非技術觀眾溝通的能力。 6.具有主動向上級主管回報進度之習慣 7.具有專案文件化習慣 (e.g., 會議記錄、需求說明、測試報告...等) 【Requirements】 1.BS in Information Systems / Computer Science, or equivalent degree is a plus 2.Detail-oriented, with very strong technical problem-solving and debugging skills 3.A minimum of 2 years of web development experience (Java, PHP, Python, or Ruby) are a plus, experience with HTML, JavaScript, CSS are a plus 4.Demonstrated experience in project management or account management, with strong organization and communication skills 5.Sales-oriented, customer-centric thinking and strong interpersonal skills, including ability to communicate to non-technical audiences 6.In a habit of reporting project's schedule to direct manager 7.In a habit of documentation ( e.g., Meeting Minutes, Requirements Description, Test Report,etc.)


40K ~ 55K TWD/month

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柏媒網絡科技有限公司 BMG (Beyond Media Global)


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BMG是一間跨國全球的全端數位行銷公司,專注於商業服務,數字營銷和創新服務。我們的目標是創建客製化體驗,推動所有數字營銷渠道的成果。我們的品牌雄心勃勃,企圖在商業服務(亞馬遜/eBay),按點擊付費,內容優化,社交媒體和創新與企業發展中建立數據化的未來。 在BMG,我們相信理念、技術、抱負,以及我們對自己的成果,一次比一次來得更出色。我們是一支擁有先端技術之夢想家和信念的團隊,並透過創意驅動的績效方法,來協助我們的客戶成功。 BMG is a Global Multinational Full Stack Marketing Digital Agency focused on Merchant Services, Digital Marketing, and Innovation Services. Our goal is to create personalized experiences that drive results across all Digital Marketing Channels. We enable ambitious brands to build their Digital Future in Merchant Services (Amazon/eBay), Pay-Per-Click, Content Optimization, Social Media and Innovation & Enterprise Development. At BMG, we believe in ideas, technology, ambition and the sheer desire to be better at everything we do to drive results. We are a team of dreamers and believers powered by leading-edge technology. We leverage our Idea-Driven Performance Methodology to help our clients succeed.

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