Full-Stack Engineer (全端工程師)

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Job Description

The Role

At Circle, the Software Engineer Team is responsible for:

Developing and maintaining all customer-facing products, including firmware, web/app applications, database management and cloud infrastructure.  Focus on delivering real-time, easy-to-use and robust applications.  Handling a large amount of requests and scaling efficiently.

As a fullstack engineer, you will participate in product development. You will build our UI from design, construct backend API, and manage entire server infrastructure. This includes all associated areas such as database and architecture design. You will expand your experience in building machine learning products and collaborate with AI researchers and engineers on industry-leading applications that process vast amounts of data

What You'll Do

Implement the features and user interfaces of Circle products

Architect efficient and reusable front-end systems that drive complex web applications

Optimize our web application performance to ensure great user experience

Design and build scalable REST APIs for Circle AI products.

Performance optimization, database management, and system horizontal scaling.

Participate in code reviews to maintain a high-quality code culture.

You will face streaming, network, computer vision, machine learning, application optimization, and cloud infrastructure issues very often.

You will work with a diverse team of different foreign backgrounds where communication skills matter. 

We are moving fast to handle a dramatically increasing number of connected devices. Scalability and efficiency are our chief concerns.


What We're Looking For

Experience in JavaScript, and one of major frontend frameworks, e.g.: Angular, React, Vue.

Experience in HTML5 and CSS3, and use LESS or SASS.

Experience with development/automation tools, such as webpack, Gulp, or Grunt.

Experience in building RESTful services with either Go, Python or Node.js.

Knowledge of RDBMS or NoSQL databases.

Experience in public clouds like AWS or GCP. Knowledge of RDBMS or NoSQL databases. 

Experience in container technology, e.g. Docker.

Ability to write clean and maintainable code with design documents and unit tests.

Nice to Haves

Experience in messaging system such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, SQS, etc.

Experience in container orchestration such as Kubernetes, ECS.

Experience in designing micro service architecture Contributions to open-source projects Active participant in technical communities.

Prior security industry experience Computer vision, machine learning, or data science background Contributions to open-source projects.

Practical Agile enthusiast.

Interview process

Please submit your resume in English.

2 years of experience required
1,000,000 ~ 1,600,000 TWD / year
Partial Remote Work
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About us

Established in 2021, we are a startup in the AI Security Industry.

Our mission is to transform the security service industry through the assistance of AI visual recognition systems to better protect businesses, their assets, and the general public. With offices in San Francisco, London, and Taipei, our products analyze billions of security images in real-time every month for many global security service providers, regional alarm companies and multinational corporations.

At Circle, we are a passionate team of creators, problem solvers, and storytellers. We believe in trust and transparency, our members enjoy flexibility in the way they work, and have the opportunity to make a real impact with their role. Our strength lies in our diversity - our members hail from different regions across the world! We are truly an incredible mix of western and eastern culture in the heart of Taipei’s technology district!

[In the Press] 

Forbes - AI Startup with a Fix to False Alarms TechCrunch
Smart Security Cameras That Prevent Crimes
CB Insight Featured Global Deep Learning Startup
Matterport Top 10 Fastest Growing A.I. Company in the U.S.
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Electronic Security Exchange - Video Surveillance Innovation Award in AI and Camera
Global Security Exchange - Best in Video Analytics
Security Industry Association - Best in Video Analytics
Nvidia Deep Learning ECS - Best of Show
NPS - Cloud Solution Award
The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence - Best use of AI for IoT
Frost and Sullivan - Technology Innovation Award


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600K ~ 850K TWD / year