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We’re looking for an Analyst to join Cornerstone to help drive investments and contribute to the startup ecosystem. We like to get deeply involved with startup teams to provide expertise and strategic value. This position will offer the first-hand experience making VC investments and advising startups.

You will have the opportunity to:

  1. Conduct rigorous research into markets, verticals, and investment opportunities and form investment theses
  2. Source deals and conduct investment due diligence
  3. Work directly with our Partners to structure deals, make investment decisions and participate in closings
  4. Track the progress of our portfolio companies and help teams solve problems


To excel in this position you will need: 1. Genuine passion for technology, the Internet and making a big impact 2. 3+ years of startup experience, either as a founder or a core team member 3. Strong personal drive and motivation 4. Excellent critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity 5. The ability to see both details and the big picture 6. Great soft / networking skills 7. Substantial experience living/working internationally 8. Solid written and verbal English & Mandarin skills 9. Experience with Microsoft Excel It would also be nice for you to have: 1. A strong personal online presence 2. Good writing skills 3. Good understanding of computer programing languages


40K ~ 60K TWD / month

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About us

基石創投 (Cornerstone Ventures) 專注於協助早期創業者,一起創造出更多的 IMPACT! 我們認為「The Future is Unwritten」,基石創投本著想要一起替台灣早期創造出更多價值與 IMPACT 的初心下,一起跟著 Startups 成長,寫下未來屬於基石與台灣的一頁。我們常常跟 Startup Founders 説 Startups 跟投資人是共生系統,創業者好,我們做創投的也會跟著好。而基石想要做的事,也正是以這樣的方向前進。 當然,我們也是個新創,我們也自許以 Startups 的精神來幫助 Startups,以創業家精神與數據化方法陪著創業者從 Day 1 開始,探索成長。 你所不知道的基石創投 (For 創業者) 作為一個創業者,募資往往是讓公司能夠快速成長的一個過程。但實際上大部分的創業者對於「募資」卻是很陌生的。有些創業者一輩子可能也才募過幾次資,但作為一個創投,反而是一年可以看快十個案子。基石創投替創業者在找尋投資人的過程中,整理出幾個你得先了解重點。藉由這幾個重點,你也可以更認識基石創投。 投資階段:種子輪。基石創投主要會以早期的案子為主。投資的金額會落在美金 200K-500K 之間,隨著案子的不同而改變。 投資偏好:網路數位服務皆在我們有興趣的範圍內。但大趨勢會以 AI 為主,順勢而為可以事半功倍。 投資區域:台灣為主。主要還是協助台灣的早期創業者可以快速的成長,但東南亞區域性的好團隊,若能在 Business 端也幫助到台灣團隊,我們也會考慮投資。

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Brandon Chiang
Simon Sheng
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