Office Admin

Job Description

Control office admin activity and support HR, including coordinating and giving assignments, answering incoming calls, purchasing office supplies, organizing expenditures, and arranging meetings and business travel.


Preferred Qualifications: • Bachelor's Degree • TOEIC 500 and above • Easygoing personality • Detail-oriented, can-do attitude, hard worker



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1. 客服信件及電話處理,解決客戶問題2. 協助聯繫上下游廠商3. 協助公司行政工作

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我們相信客戶經驗和產品開發一樣重要,「客戶規劃顧問」是代表團隊與客戶溝通的前線,進而瞭解客戶的需求與反饋,對於內部產品開發有極大的影響。這個職位會深入的了解電子商務產業及公司產品開發的運作,也將學習到重要的網路行銷技能 工作內容:  -即時處理客戶來信、訊息、及來電問題 -向客戶提出有效率的解決方案 -記錄客戶相關問題,定期匯整...


2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview

2018 Senior Developer Speed Interview


此次活動由 CakeResume 嚴選 10 家科技公司,聯合舉辦快速面試活動。iOS / Android / Web / Unity / Hardware / Server 等高薪職缺,2018.03.03 等你來挑戰!