Senior Backend Engineer 後端高級工程師(NodeJS)

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Job Description

【Job Impact】

  • Backend engineers provide efficient and robust solutions for the company's product business logic. They are dedicated to designing, developing, coding, and testing programs, with the overall development of the company as their blueprint, to create precise and future-oriented products. 

    【Responsibility & Expectation】
    • They create system platforms with integrity, security, and scalability.
    • While involved in software development, they familiarize themselves with the product's business logic and functional requirements, taking into consideration the entire process of architecture design, software development, testing, deployment, and user feedback.
    • They collaborate closely with cross-functional teams such as software projects and testing personnel, aiming to collectively create high-quality products with a mature and thoughtful mindset.
    • When faced with system issues, they avoid falling into the trap of relying solely on past experiences and instead seek and establish long-lasting solutions. They also aim to minimize or prevent negative user experiences while ensuring uninterrupted business operations and services. 
    • There are opportunities for international business trips, collaborating with multinational subsidiaries and customer teams!



    • Bachelor's degree or above.
    • More than 5 yrs. working experience in related fields. 
    • Ability to listen, speak, read, and write in English language.
    • Strong expertise in following: 
      • Backend development with NodeJS.
      • Database Schema, design, and performance optimization; focus on MongoDB、Redis, and SQL.
      • Container technology: Docker & Kubernetes
      • Cloud service: AWS/GCP
      • DevOps: GitHub Actions


    • Passion about using technology to bring ideas to life.

    • Enthusiasm for innovation and learning, with a mindset to challenge conventional thinking in software development. 

    • Utilizing technical skills to solve practical problems and being willing to delve deep into research and complete tasks promptly. 

    • Imaginative and curious, approaching business logic with a fresh perspective and using software development to realize ideas.

    • Committed to being a team player.
      Dedicated to the shared goals of the team, taking action to support and create high-quality work outcomes.


      • Experience with Python and its ecosystem.
      • Experience with Serverless Computing Services.
      • Skilled in GraphQL API design.
      • Hands-on experience with blockchain and smart contracts.

      Interview process

      1. 請提供您的名字、學經歷、自我介紹(一百字以內)、聯絡方式和其他可以讓我們更認識您經歷的資料。
      2. 請提供您的作品集(GitHub、網站連結等),並說明每個作品的參與人數、分工方式與您所擔任的角色及負責的任務範圍。 
      5 years of experience required
      1,200,000 ~ 1,600,000 TWD / year
      Optional Remote Work
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