Senior Java Backend Developer/資深後端工程師


Job Description

1. Develop and design backend service systems for business-related purposes.

2. Write unit tests and integration tests.

3. Develop/deploy microservices.

4. Work independently on projects by analyzing, designing, developing, and maintaining the systems.

5. Collaborate with Frontend developers, Mobile Developers, Project Managers, and QAs for mutual support among the teams.

6. Analyze requirements and help deliver development specifications and plans.

7. Improve existing code quality and performance.

8. Evaluate new technologies and open sources to recommend improvements for applications, services, and systems.

9. Participate in brainstorming sessions for product features and system architecture.

10. Mentor other team members in backend development. 


1. 開發並設計具有商業性質的後端服務系統。

2. 撰寫單元測試及整合測試。

3. 開發/部屬微服務。

4. 透過分析、設計、開發、維護系統獨立完成項目。

5. 與前端工程師、手機工程師、項目管理者、軟體測試工程師合作,並適時支援其他研發團隊。

6. 分析需求並協助完成開發規格與規劃。

7. 優化現有的編碼品質與表現。

8. 透過評估新技術與新開源軟體優化應用程式、服務及系統。

9. 積極參與產品特色及系統架構的集體研討。

10. 於後端開發方面指導其他組員。


Required Technical Skills

1. Have at least 5 years of Java development experience.

2. Familiar with Spring framework, Spring boot, and JPA.

3. Familiar with web-related technologies (e.g. HTTP, REST, TCP / IP).

4. Familiar with version control tool (e.g. Git, SVN).

5. Familiar with UML, OOP, and design patterns.

6. Familiar with AWS services & Alicloud.

7. Familiar with distributed caching and message-oriented middleware.


1. 具備五年以上Java開發的相關經驗。

2. 熟悉Spring framework, Spring boot與JPA。

3. 熟悉網頁相關科技(e.g. HTTP, REST, TCP/IP)。

4. 熟悉版本控制之工具(e.g. Git, SVN)。

5. 熟悉UML, OOP 與設計模式。

6. 熟悉 AWS 與阿里雲。

7. 熟悉分散式緩存、消息中介軟體。


Other Preferred Skills

Have experience with Docker and Kubernetes.




40K+ TWD/month

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About us

FUNPODIUM is a leading technology company that offers the most intelligent framework and the best cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution to game companies, content providers, e-commerce enterprises and social network companies and more.

We help reduce infrastructure complexity by accelerating our customized application development with FunPodium Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. In addition, we are building the world’s first AI driven sports site that will provide customized content and dynamic interactive experience.

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Our Website:

FunPodium為提供極高智能架構與最佳平台即服務(PaaS)方案的頂尖科技公司, 服務遊戲公司、內容供應商、電子商務企業及社群網路公司等。





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