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【Team Introduction】
The Consumer Industrial Design team continues to grow in support of the expanding needs of all consumer market segments. We are looking for talented designers to help us take on the additional projects and support the company growth. We need designers with the courage to explore new ideas and forms, combined with the ability to collaborate respectfully in a team.

【Job Introduction】
Work directly with engineering and management to create compelling products for our worldwide customers. Collaborate globally with design team in US and Taiwan to develop products for the Automotive, Outdoor, Fitness, Marine, and Wearable markets. Experience the variety and diversity of projects that would normally be reserved for a design consultancy but with the stability and benefits of a corporate environment. Our design team develops solutions for activity trackers, running watches, action cameras, cycling computers, marine radars, outdoor watches, handhelds, and more. Garmin’s process also provides designers the ability to work on a design from initial sketch through refinement, prototyping and into mass-production.

【Job Description】
• Explore a wide variety of compelling design options through sketching and rendering for Garmin’s consumer product markets
• Understand and apply future trends in design, technology, and materials
• Create 3D models using Solidworks for product development and prototyping
• Communicate concepts and ideas through verbal, visual, and written means
• Understand the needs and desires of our customers
• Collaborate with Design, Engineering, Marketing, and Management teams to translate project goals into relevant design solutions


• Above 3 years experience
• Must demonstrate knowledge, education, experience and/or training necessary to use tools such as SolidWorks, Keyshot, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Pro-E, and Sketchbook Pro
• Demonstrated strong and effective verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
• Excellent hand sketching skills (Shown on portfolio is preferred).
• Ability to rapidly explore a wide variety of styling options (forms, colors, finishes, materials, etc.)
• Courage to explore new ideas
• Willing to cooperate with world-wide designer and be open to go business trip for a short period.
• Having related experience at 3C product manufacturing.

If you were really interested in this position, please submit your portfolio and resume to the email below:
[email protected]


1M ~ 1.5M TWD/year

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Garmin Ltd. 台灣國際航電股份有限公司

22159 新北市汐止區樟樹二路68號

About us

Garmin, Your Career Navigator. Mapping Your Future!

【GPS 領導廠商】 Garmin,全球衛星定位系統產業的龍頭!自1989年成立以來,在航空、航海、汽車導航、戶外運動與健身休閒等五大應用領域,全球佔有率均是第一名,2012年銷售超過1億台的GPS衛星定位及通訊產品,2018年更是到達累積銷售2億台之里程碑。Garmin秉持「創新研發、豐富大家生活」的精神,以產品幫助許多人完成不同領域的旅程記憶。除了執著研發上的專業,產品更強調人性化的操作介面,不管哪一個領域,都希望開發出讓使用者快速上手的產品。Garmin於2000年在美國NASDAQ公開上市,2004 成為 NASDAQ100 指數中之高科技指標公司,2012年12月榮獲美國標準普爾500指數指名成為成份股股票之高科技指標公司。過去數年更榮獲富比士評選為全球兩千大之一。

【技術持續創新】 Garmin面對快速變動的市場,積極推動產品與技術的創新,體現在航空的整合性儀表板研發及航海產品等,到近期的穿戴式裝置。 我們擁有各項技術整合能力,包含GPS晶片組軟/硬體核心,GPS產品開發、電子地圖技術、無線電傳輸、行動電視、慣性導航、語音合成及辨識、數位路況廣播、雷達、聲納、AutoPilot、液晶模組技術及智慧型手機導航軟體及伺服器應用等。在這些領域裡都以卓越的技術成就推出傲視全球的GPS產品,成為世界的領導品牌。

Garmin 的臺灣團隊肩負百分之九十八的生產製造任務,近年來臺灣更發展為亞洲研發中心。我們深耕這塊土地並且持續擴大研發團隊規模,現階段需要更多學界技術能量以及研發人才的加入,持續創造Garmin 連續營收與獲利成長的奇蹟,進而提升臺灣新興科技產業的動能。在Garmin,您有機會與世界各國頂尖的人才合作,跨文化的經驗將提升您的視野與實力,歡迎您與我們共同站上世界的舞台!
Garmin 的臺灣團隊肩負百分之九十八的生產製造任務,近年來臺灣更發展為亞洲研發中心。我們深耕這塊土地並且持續擴大研發團隊規模,現階段需要更多學界技術能量以及研發人才的加入,持續創造Garmin 連續營收與獲利成長的奇蹟,進而提升臺灣新興科技產業的動能。在Garmin,您有機會與世界各國頂尖的人才合作,跨文化的經驗將提升您的視野與實力,歡迎您與我們共同站上世界的舞台!

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