Senior Android Developer

Job Description


Android developer 負責維護及更新 Health2Sync智抗糖 Android App,與其他團隊共同提升 App 體驗,提供更多功能及服務。


  • 與其他團隊共同提升 Android App 的使用體驗、功能及服務。
  • 設計並改善目前 Android App 架構與提升程式碼品質與穩定
  • 學習新知,勇於嘗試,增進工作流程與效率。
  • 善於分享自身經驗與增進團隊工程師文化


Basic: - Familiar with Android/Java/Kotlin programming. - Strong knowledge and experience of Android UI design principles. - Have a solid understanding of Android Framework. - Strong knowledge of design patterns and MVP structure. - Hands-on experience with CI integration. - Know how to refactor and write clean code. - Know how to work with remote data via REST and JSON with third-party libraries and APIs. - Know how to work with offline data via SQLite and APIs. - Know how to use git and fix conflicts. - Enjoy working in a start-up and open environment. Extra: - Love coding and like to learn new things. - Have a good sense of humour and like fun.


Per year TWD 910,000 ~ 1,300,000

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