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*上班時間: 週一至週五07:00-16:00或9:00-18:00 ; 另需支援13:00-22:00班別(享有晚班津貼 200元/天)


1. 溝通能力及學習力佳,對數字敏感,邏輯運算能力佳。

2. 需配合國定假日輪值(依法給予加班費或補休)。

3. 對金融證券業有熱忱。

4. 無經驗可,將有完整教育訓練。

5. 英文能力佳,TOEIC 700 分以上優先考慮。

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1 years of experience required
30,000 ~ 40,000 TWD / month
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Logo of 海科科技有限公司.

About us

海科科技 (Hytech) 是全球領先的管理技術諮詢公司,專注於推動金融科技產業的企業技術轉型,致力於滿足客戶需求和客製化解決方案。

我們結合專業的產業知識與創新思維,在業務和技術的交叉點中擴展市場,於雲端服務、網絡安全解決方案、IT 諮詢和其他支援等,提供點到點的數據分析與系統解決方案。此外,我們透過各項技術專長,幫助全球組織和商業領袖提供商業戰略,協助並解決他們所面臨的挑戰。



Hytech is a globally leading management technology consulting company, specializing in driving the enterprise technology transformation in the Fintech industry. We are dedicated to meeting customer needs and providing customized solutions.

By combining professional industry knowledge with innovative thinking, we expand our market presence at the intersection of business and technology. We offer end-to-end data analytics and system solutions in cloud services, network security, IT consulting, and other support areas. Additionally, through our various technological expertise, we help global organizations and business leaders develop business strategies and assist them in addressing their challenges.

We employ a flat management structure to enhance employee engagement and work efficiency, allowing team members to work in an open and transparent manner. This enables us to provide excellent business value services to our global clients.

Our Taipei office is conveniently located in the city center, providing bright workspaces and comfortable rest areas. We offer unlimited supplies of coffee, tea, and snacks, creating a relaxed working environment and atmosphere for our employees.


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