Data Modeler / Architect 資料架構師

Job Description

Seeking an experienced candidate who will be responsible for building and refining data models in a complex distributed environment. Responsible for performing the Data analysis, Data modeling and DDLs creation.

  • Understand the differences between a conceptual, logical and physical model. 
  • Create a logical model from a set of business or functional requirements. 
  • Create a physical model from a logical one. 
  • Determines database structural requirements by analyzing client objectives. 
  • Can write complex SQL statements and do performance tuning. 
  • Should be able to take the results of the requirements gathering session and produce a logical/physical model whenever required. 
  • Design, review and maintains data models.


* 4 years of data modeling experience whereby performing data modeling as the priority job. * Deeper knowledge of database structures and algorithms. * Experience using any of the Data Modeling tools. * Deep knowledge in RDBMS concepts, SQL and performance tuning of complex queries. * Expert with PostgreSQL database. * Work experience in Big Data technology a plus. * Excellent operational English, spoken and written. * Ability to understand business priorities and advise on fastest road to production. * Ability to work autonomously, set up deadlines and respect them.


Sara Chang
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