Rails Developer 後端工程師

Job Description

Seeking an experienced rails developer, for maintaining an existing codebase and participating in new projects.  The job involves implementation of new features, api endpoints, application optimisation, tests coverage, writing documentation, database maintenance, scripting background tasks, and various other unpredictable missions.  You will coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality product is important.


  • Maintain and build a rails application codebase 
  • Keep in touch with ruby and rails version upgrades and new features
  • Enforce good practices in development 
  • Make things respond fast with the least resources possible  
  • Interact with other colleagues in a spirit of sharing and optimisation  
  • Document your work for other teams and future reference


➤ Excellent operational English, spoken and written ➤ Ability to understand business priorities and advise on fastest road to production ➤ Ability to work autonomously, set up deadlines and respect them ➤ Knowledge of basic development tools of the trade (git, bash scripting, command-line, editors, etc) ➤ Experience of 4-6 years on a large rails codebase ➤ Knowledge of rspec or minitest tests coverage ➤ Proficiency in web application benchmarking ➤ Familiarity with capybara, phantom, and functional testing ➤ Familiarity with API-based application in conjunction with react and redux ➤ Expertise in postgres database usage ➤ Knowledge and respect for industry standards (12 factors, abstractions, design patterns, etc) ➤ Degree in Engineering or Computer Science Good to have: ➤ Curiosity for other programming languages ➤ Familiarity with modern javascript frameworks (react even better) ➤ Contribution to open source projects


70K ~ 110K TWD / month


Sara Chang

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