Senior Back-end Software Development Engineer - Golang

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Job Description

=== Responsibilities===

1. Lead the design, development, and optimization of scalable and reliable RPA backend systems using the Go programming language.

2. Enhance on-premise/cloud application deployment

3. Build and maintain CI/CD pipeline for backend services.

4. Contribute to code reviews, technical design, and architectural decisions.

5. Write unit/integration tests to ensure code quality.

6. Participate in Scrum development processes.

=== Leadership Responsibilities (Optional) ===

The following leadership responsibilities are applicable for candidates interested in the elevated role of Senior Software Engineering Lead:

1. Lead and manage development teams align with engineering excellence.

2. Conduct performance evaluations and people management.

3. Plan and execute projects proactively and efficiently.

4. Provide strategic guidance and mentorship to help development teams grow in the right direction.

5. Collaborate and coordinate with the upper management team to reach the company goals successfully.


=== Qualifications===

1. Minimum of 5 years of experience in Software Development.

2. BS/MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field.

3. Familiar with the Go programming language.

4. Familiar with unit testing, including related techniques such as mocking and assertions.

5. Familiar with container technology such as Docker or Kubernetes.

6. Familiar with database operations like MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, etc.

7. Familiar with Redis or Memcached.

8. Familiar with Scrum development processes.

9. Strong problem-solving abilities.

10. Excellent communication and collaboration skills, willing to speak English. 

11. Has a Start-Up mentality, is adaptable, and is driven to achieve company goals.

=== Nice-to-Have Qualifications ===

1. Familiar with one or more following programming languages: Python, C#, C, or C++.

2. Familiar with CI/CD pipeline tools such as GitLab.

3. Familiar with Ansible or Chef.

4. Familiar with design patterns and system design.

5. Experience with cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

6. Experience in sharing knowledge, writing documentation, and contributing to collaboration improvement.

7. Experience in managing development teams. (for Senior Software Engineering Lead)

※ The position requires on-site work; remote work is not permitted.

Interview process

    1. Resume Review
    2. Offline Assignment (with 7 days to complete) 
    3. Technical Interview (online)
    4. Technical Interview (onsite)
    5. Final Interview (onsite)
5 years of experience required
80,000 ~ 200,000 TWD / month
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About us

IsCoolLab, established in 2018, stands at the forefront of digital transformation through smart automation. Originating as a testing automation software provider, IsCoolLab has since expanded its expertise to develop revolutionary solutions in the field of automation.

We introduced Robotiive, a unique, patented Robotic Process Automation (RPA) blending AI and computer vision to achieve cross-platform, cross-system, cross-machine data integration and automation. Its non-intrusive feature empowers businesses to connect and automate previously siloed machines and systems, thereby facilitating seamless digitalization.

At IsCoolLab, we're not just part of the industry—we're at its cutting edge, redefining the integration of smart automation, smart manufacturing in the digital age.

IsCoolLab 自2018年成立以來,一直站在智慧自動化與數位轉型的最前線。最初作為測試自動化軟體開發商,IsCoolLab 自此拓展了其在自動化領域的專業,開發出革命性的解決方案 Robotiive。

Robotiive 是一款結合了人工智慧和電腦視覺專利技術的流程自動化軟體(RPA),結合了人工智慧和電腦視覺技術,它能夠實現跨平台、跨系統、跨機器的數據整合與自動化。其非侵入式的特性使企業得以輕鬆連接和自動化原本孤立的機器和系統,進而順暢地實現數位化轉型。

在 IsCoolLab,我們不僅是這個產業的一員;我們處於其尖端,以創新和技術,不斷地重新定義智慧自動化技術在數位時代、智慧製造的應用和發展。



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