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Multinational leading technology group, KKCompany Technologies (KKCompany), is a leader in software services. Our mission is to build “Freeways to Inspiration” and help industries achieve digital transformation. By creating technology highways with partners, we deliver our services around the world and drive value creation through future technology.

In addition to our flagship brands KKBOX, BlendVision, and Going Cloud, our core technologies cover various fields such as music streaming, multimedia, and cloud services. Through a range of products and services, we help customers create commercial value. We also offer software services and solutions to over tens of millions of customers with corporate clients across Asia covering various industries such as telecommunications, entertainment and multimedia, media, education, and fitness centers.

We have over 500 employees across offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong.


  • Drafting, reviewing, revision, and negotiating various contracts, license agreements, and other relevant formal documents.
  • Assist in contract signing, execution, tracking, and managing.
  • Assist in optimizing corporate internal control systems such as corporate compliance.
  • Assist in compiling corporate governance and other corporate/securities law requirements and enforcement for company formation, investment projects, due diligence, and corporate/securities law cases.
  • Work with outside attorneys or consultants on related matters.
  • Other related legal affairs or projects as assigned by the supervisor.



  • Basic proficiency in Japanese is a plus.
  • At least 3 years of experience in relevant industry corporate legal affairs.
  • Knowledge of copyright law, entertainment law and relevant practical experience.
  • Flexible and creative thinking, good communication skills.
  • Can communicate personal expertise to colleagues for understanding through various methods.
  • Organizational skills and logical thinking.
  • Able to identify and analyze issues, and take measures to resolve problems.

Nice to have:

  • L.L.M. or education abroad is a plus.
  • Content licensing, digital licensing, and industry experience is preferred.
  • Having handled corporate internal process optimization projects is preferred.
3 years of experience required
640,000 ~ 1,150,000 TWD / year
Partial Remote Work
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About us

頂尖跨國科技集團科科科技(KKCompany Technologies)為軟體服務領航者,打造全球第一個合法音樂串流平台(KKBOX),更是一家以「多媒體串流、數位雲端、AI 應用」為事業核心,為客戶創造價值的國際軟體科技集團。旗下包含 KKBOX、BlendVision、Going Cloud 等自有產品品牌,企業客戶遍佈全亞洲。科科科技榮獲 OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 及 ISO 27001 第三方國際認證,在東京、新加坡、台北、高雄、香港等地設有辦公室,擁有超過 500 位同仁。更多資訊請參考官網:www.kkcompany.com、部落格:blog.kkcompany.com 

KKCompany Technologies Group is a leading technology group in software services. We have created the world’s first legal music streaming platform, KKBOX, and are an international software technology group focused on “multimedia technologies, digital cloud, and AI applications” as our core business to create value for the customers. The group consists of self-owned brands including KKBOX, BlendVision and Going Cloud with enterprise customers across Asia. KKCompany Technologies has attained OpenChain ISO/IEC 5230 and ISO 27001 third-party international certification. We have over 500 employees across offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong. For more information please visit our website: www.kkcompany.com and blog: blog.kkcompany.com


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Mid-Senior level
840K ~ 1.5M TWD / year

Entry level
900K ~ 1.35M TWD / year

Mid-Senior level
1.1M ~ 1.4M TWD / year