Sr. Java Engineer(資深Java研發工程師)


Job Description

1. Responsible for the development of the new platform order system.
2. Maintain the existing platform order system.
3. Cooperate with the front-end development team business.
1. 負責新平台訂單系統的開發;
2. 現有平台訂單系統技術維護;
3. 配合前端開發團隊業務銜接。


1. Familiar with Java(multi-line integration / NIO)architecture. 2. Familiar with development frameworks such as Spring 5, ibatis/mybatis/hibernate, ElasticSearch, and Jedis. 3. Practical experience with Java Web(Spring Cloud/Spring Data/WebFlux). 4. Familiar with J2EE related technologies, master the MVC/Reatcive programming architecture, and understand the design pattern/UML. 5. Familiar with MySQL database usage, Linux and other related technologies. 6. Responsibility and a team work spirit; 7. Good habits for programming and document management 8. Stress resistance. 9. Self-learning ability. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. 熟悉Java(多線集成/NIO)架構; 2. 熟悉Spring 5、ibatis/mybatis/hibernate、ElasticSearch、Jedis等開發框架; 3. 實際運用Java Web(Spring Cloud/Spring Data/WebFlux)經驗; 4. 熟悉J2EE相關技術,掌握MVC/Reatcive編程架構,瞭解設計模式/UML; 5. 熟悉MySQL資料庫使用,Linux等相關技術。 6. 具有工作責任心,有良好的團隊合作精神; 7. 有良好的程式設計和文件管理習慣; 8. 能承受較大的工作壓力; 9. 具有很強的自學能力。


80K ~ 120K TWD/month

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Hong Kong based Lead Advance Technology (LAT), founded in 2017, is a technologically high-tech software enterprise, who expertise in the online e-sports gaming design and development for worldwide customers and operations. Our systems contain the real-time match data and state-of-the-art for trading platform. Our solutions focus on the immersive visual interactions with rich content, easy to operate, and our technical support service available everywhere within 24/7/365 all year around. LAT established Taipei branch office in 2019, we welcome the extraordinary people to accomplish the ultimate goals together with us. Our Vision:To set the new benchmark in e-sports business. Our Value:Innovation, Ambition, Openness, Justice. Our Standard:Realization, Customization, Observation, Perception.

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