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校招2023 Signal Integrity Engineer

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Job Description

1.  Excellent work attitude and tenacity is essential to job execution2.  Well known about Intel/AMD platforms architecture. Arm/nVidia is a plus.3.  Insight to study new technology on advanced bus, chipset, cable, connector.
4.  Familiar with high speed buses electrical spec and design especially on PCIe Gen5/DDR5, et cetera.5.  Familiar with low speed buses simulation and correlation (i.e. I2C/I3C/ESPI...).
6.  Familiar with Polar, IMLC, IMADC, ICAT, ADS, Hspice, PowerDC, PowerSI/SIWave, Clarity/HFSS, SigXplorer, Seasim, S2eye.7.  3D simulation capability to find out optimized design on specific area.
8.  Placement discussion/implementation
9.  Stackup design including PCB material and copper foil selection
10. Routing rules creation
11. Capability on board file and CM review. Knowing constraint setting is a plus.
12. Familiar with VNA operation
13. Debug on signal integrity issues
14. Possess excellent integration capabilities, gather team's opinion, simplify debug or specific event processing, and express logically in email or presentation for the other party to grasp information shortly.


Required Qualifications:

- BS or MS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a similar degree
- Ability to work independently

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No requirement for relevant working experience
60,000 ~ 70,000 TWD / month
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